Mastering the Art of the Easter Egg Hunt


James Burke

The easter egg hunt is an art that must be mastered in order to ensure optimal egg collection.

Cavan Wilson, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again to get your easter egg hunt on, get ready to find some eggs and beat out the competition. If you struggle at acquiring more eggs than your friends and family, and most importantly finding the Golden Egg, then CavsConnect has some great tips for you to use to your benefit this Sunday.

Get out Fast and in Front: It is important to get out of the crowd quickly once the hunt commences. The first eggs to be found are always the easiest to see. Make sure you plan your course of direction, though; head straight towards the area with a great abundance of eggs. Being quick out of the gates can allow you to obtain a descent amount of eggs before the rest of the competition has even really begun.

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I sprint during the whole egg hunt and just try to grab as many eggs as possible. Just remember that if you are all having fun then you are all winners.

— freshman Gaby Vazquez

Be Prepared to Hold onto Eggs: One of the biggest problems, especially as you get towards the end of the egg hunt, is actually holding onto your eggs. Precious seconds are wasted trying to fit too many eggs into your basket, and you may be forced to move slower so that the eggs don’t fall out. Make sure to bring a large enough basket to ensure that your eggs can be adequately accommodated.

Do Not Hesitate: At the beginning of the egg hunt, make sure not to spend large amounts of time searching in the same area if you do not see any eggs immediately. Make sure to grab the quick eggs that you can easily see and then move on to another location. Grabbing the easy eggs first guarantees that you will get a lot of eggs quickly, leaving you time to search later for the legendary Golden Egg.

“A big mistake people can make is not looking in obvious places or just not paying attention. I am always sure to keep my eyes open even in big areas to make sure I don’t miss any eggs,” freshman Virgil Alfred said.

Be Alert: Another important factor when it comes to procuring easter eggs is keeping a sharp eye out. Make sure that you move fast, but still pay attention to every minute detail. You could carelessly leave a few eggs for you competition if you aren’t looking carefully. Check little spots and peer through any camouflage that could be hiding precious eggs from your sight.

“Make sure to look in places like nooks and crannies where eggs can easily be wedged between. It is important to look broadly and narrowly, if that makes sense,” freshman Jonathon Grinnell said

Use and Play with Your Competition: Remember that your competition could actually be beneficial to you. Make sure to use some of the techniques that you see other hunters employing. Another thing you can do is follow some of the more experienced hunters. They will likely know some popular places for egg hiding and can lead you right to some great finds. However, it is also important to be careful. If you see an egg near a competitor, pretend that you don’t, try to leave the area and get them to follow you. You could pretend to see another egg and make a quick loop, enabling you to snatch some eggs from right under your opponent’s nose.

Hopefully you have learned some new tips that will help you acquire more eggs in this year’s egg hunt. Do not have just another year of average egg attainment; go for all of them. You will be sure to impress others and will, most importantly, have a greater chance of obtaining the almighty Golden Egg.