3 Haircuts for Champions

Teague Scanlon, Staff Writer

With the school year reaching its final stages, and the social pressure to look spiffy getting more and more intense, there is no need to go conservative, with the classic bangs or the boring combover; this is the worst thing you can do. This spring is the season for change, and one way to show it is through your bob, so let’s see the three best things that you can do with your hair in these upcoming months.


1. The Frohawk

We’ve seen the Mohawk, we’ve seen the Fohawk, but have we ever seen the Frohawk? This hairstyle has never really been popular, but there’s a first for everything. As a combination of an afro and a mohawk, this up-and-coming revolution opens up a whole new ballpark- a ballpark of studs and trend-setters.


2. The Stallion

While this hairstyle requires a little bit of expertise, if you have the willpower and the confidence, this stallion can be the talk of the town, and who doesn’t want that? Both guys and girls can rock this one, as long as they love animals and receiving compliments. So give your mane a mane, and saddle up this style.

Mushroom Haircut
Google Images

3. The Mushroom

This snazzy cut has been pretty popular for the past few decades, and certainly deserves all of the credit that it’s gotten, and then some. With constant shade and protection from all elements, many people are left wondering what the downside of this rave-worthy style may be, and that’s the best part- there isn’t one.


“I rocked the frohawk my freshman year, and the stallion my sophomore and junior year, so naturally that leaves me with the mushroom cut, which I am incredibly excited about,” senior Pedro Gimenez Zapiola said.

If you don’t mind being the coolest kid in school or having plenty of attention from all genders, be sure to give these dapper styles a try.

P.S. If you’ve gotten this far…Happy April Fools!