Most In-Demand Jobs

Deciding ones career path can be very stressful, and many people are left unemployed.

Deciding one’s career path can be very stressful, and many people are left unemployed.

Teague Scanlon, Staff Writer

Other than a few fortunate enough to know their plans for the future, every high school student has had to deal with nervous giggles and gentle tremors when asked what their future ambitions are. Now, there is exponential amount of pressure to pick the right career path, especially in virtue of the United States’ high rate of unemployment and the growing population of jobless college graduates regretting the years of scholastic tedium and mounds of resultant debt invested into their education. Before you curl into a ball and start convulsing, however, know that there is a beacon of hope. There are certain industries that are actually in dire need of employees.

With the rapid growth of the technology industry, it is no surprise that this nook of the economy is in need of workers. A large majority of the most pleasant companies to work for offer great salaries, incredible benefits and lovely working conditions. Facebook and Apple have recently gotten publicity for their funding of the freezing of women’s eggs, and many big companies have added pools, gyms and markets to their offices, which highlights the desire that these large companies have to develop a loyal group of employees that will spend their whole careers with the companies.

This profession is necessary for every business, whether it is a polo club or a bakery. Auditors maintain bank accounts, balance money and are in charge of filing taxes. Although this career is slightly infamous for its boring nature, it is certainly hiring. To become an accountant, it is recommended to have a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, and some accountants have Master’s, although it is not very common.

“Becoming an accountant would be a very boring job, and I would not want to spend the rest of my life adding up numbers,” freshman Savannah Payne said.

Another job that is in-demand is occupational therapy. This entails developing and maintaining the skills of clients with both mental and physical conditions. This could range from counseling prison inmates to college graduates searching for the right career path. Not only does this career allow workers to enjoy the real world, there is no math involved.

Similar to occupational therapy, nurses have a wide array of possible working environments, including hospitals, doctors offices, and in-patient homes. This job allows people to develop relationships with patients, and make others feel comfortable. Nursing does include a relatively long time in schooling, however.

“I’m scared that I’ll have to live at home after college because I won’t be able to find work,” junior Alejandro Facundo said.

Regardless of the small fraction of career paths that are in need of workers, most students are still worried of what their futures will contain. The decline in job opportunities also brings up the question of whether schools should be preparing students more directly for the work force, or if a liberal arts education is still effective.

“While I do see the benefit of being a well-rounded student because most disciplines work off of the others, maybe a more pre-professional track would better prepare us for the rest of our lives, slightly taking the stress out of finding a job,” junior Liam Wood said.

Unfortunately, according to, Miami is the worst place to look for a job. So if you want higher chances of getting employed, move to Boston or northern California. Whether you are hoping to become a CEO or a nurse, one piece of advice from one high school student to another is to do what you enjoy regardless of the income. As Confucius said, “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”