Gables-Themed Accounts: Are They Getting Out of Hand?


Ava Cosgrove

The wide variety of Coral Gables Senior High instagram accounts.

Ava Cosgrove, Staff Writer

Imagine this: you are scrolling through Instagram as usual and all of a sudden your notifications start blowing up. Surprise! You’ve been featured on @cgshcaughtyousleeping. A little while later, the same thing happens but this time you’ve been caught… awake?

In early October, an anonymous student began an Instagram account that may be familiar to most students at Coral Gables Senior High, @cgshcaughtyousleeping. This account gives students the opportunity to send in pictures of their peers asleep in class and have them posted for over 1000 people to see. Yet at this time, not even the administrators could foresee the chaos to come.

Shortly after @cghscaughtyousleeping began to gain popularity, other Gables themed accounts started to emerge. At first they were amusing, with accounts mocking the bees or the parking failures of student drivers, but now it has been taken to the extreme. With new accounts surfacing daily, is anyone at Gables safe?

“Besides Coral Gables Caught Sleeping, they’re all overrated and lowkey pointless,” junior Audrey Simon said.

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@cghscaughtyousleeping • Instagram photos and videos

You name it, anything that comes to mind has most likely been forged into one of these Instagram accounts. Even eating your lunch poses the risk of some rando snagging a picture of you and sending it off to the @cgsh_eats account. Even when using the bathroom, someone might just take a picture of your feet and send it off to @cghs.bathroomfeet. In a scenario like this, what is the extent a student has to go just in order to stay out of the camera’s eye? Standing on the toilet?

“The bathroom feet one is a little creepy, just because like personally if I were in the bathroom I wouldn’t want people taking pictures of my feet. And the awake one just seems stupid, like it’s just people walking around and stuff, I don’t understand,” sophomore Veronica Montalvo said.

These accounts are getting increasingly overwhelming and unoriginal to the point where most students are beginning to get bored of them. Most of the accounts are just desperate grabs for attention and popularity that failed, and continue to fail, miserably. No one really cares or wants to know about how “drippy” some random kid’s shoes are. These accounts should only be created if someone has a creative and original idea because otherwise, it just ruins the fun and originality. To stay on the safe side, let’s just stick with @cghscaughtyousleeping, shall we?