Texas’s Abortion Ban: Six Weeks is Not Enough


Angelina Morffi

The Texan Government has enacted a ban on bodily autonomy that feels like we are going backwards in time.

Angelina Morffi, Staff Writer

There are countless reasons someone may want an abortion, and none of those reasons should need to be validated or supported by government institutions. Some are not ready for the responsibility of owning children, while others are not emotionally or physically prepared to give birth and many simply don’t want a baby–all valid reasons to want an abortion. However, Texas has made their lack of understanding and caring for bodily autonomy apparent and frankly, it is disgusting.

As of Sep.1, 2021, Texas is first in banning abortions after six weeks, which includes nearly all abortions. This legislation allows anyone to sue someone who aided or performed an abortion and win judgements of $10,000 or more. It encourages the turning in of others, even your own neighbor.

While some may argue that the option for an abortion is still on the table, the problem lies in the six-week limitation. Most have no clue they are pregnant before that time, even those that are trying for pregnancy and are constantly taking tests. For perspective, at six weeks, common indicators of pregnancy like fatigue and nausea in some cases, have yet to even appear. This makes it difficult for people to discover they are pregnant before the six week cutoff and even more difficult for those with irregular periods. At that time, the quarter inch long embryo is barely detectable on ultrasounds, even to specialists. This ban has been proven to not give vulnerable pregnant people enough time to seek safe action to an abortion.

Historically, Texas’ abortion ban has not been the first of its kind in the realm of reproductive legislation. (Angelina Morffi)

Texas’ legislation puts lots of people in hot water, especially teenagers, who have had lies spewed at them during sex education. Sex education in public schools is generally extremely poor, focusing on abstinence rather than safe and consensual sex. Approximately 37 states require abstinence in the curriculum, while only 18 states require to teach about birth control.

Teaching teenagers that sexual attraction isn’t normal and that it should be avoided at all costs creates shamefulness amongst many growing teenagers. Some states like Oklahoma go as far as having laws that require the educators to “clearly and consistently teach that abortion kills a living human being.” Other states have laws that don’t even permit to talk about the option of abortion, like Tennesse and Louisana. When teaching sex education, it is vital to run over all aspects of sex education—abstinence is a personal choice and should not be taught as the “only way” to prevent pregnancies if avoiding abortions is the ultimate goal.

“Sex education should not be something that’s lightly covered. It is a necessity for the safety of people, for the safety of children,” sophomore Leeanna Anderson said.

Furthermore, for a minor to go through with the procedure, their parents’ consent or judicial bypass are necessary. For those with abusive or religious parents who refuse to give their consent, this long and complicated process of obtaning a judicial bypass puts teens in a time crunch to still have enough time to access an abortion before the six week cutoff.
Despite the efforts put into fighting abortion bans by organizations like Planned Parenthood and people around the world, government officials continue to implement restrictions all around the nation, not just Texas. More than 60 bills restricting abortions have been introduced or passed in 2021 in the US, mostly in conservative

states like Montana, Kansas, and Wymoing. It is worrying and disgusting to see how many restrictions are being put on others’ bodies, If states are to follow Texas, the future of abortions could be put at risk in the entire nation.
You do not have to be pro-abortion to be pro-choice. It simply means supporting the reproductive rights of people around the world, for whatever situation they may be in. We have seen these rights being stripped away far too many times and we cannot allow it any longer.