New Uniform Policy Sweeps Gables as Students Try and Adjust


Michael Evelyn

Seniors Lenny Roque (right) and Isabella Flores (left) talking about the new uniform policy being implemented in the school

Michael Evelyn, Staff Writer

With the start of the new school year, many students have responded negatively to the significantly stricter enforcement of the uniform policy. As opposed to previous years, polos are now enforced for everyone as well as black or khaki pants and shorts. Now, with a stricter policy Coral Gables Senior High School is taking uniforms to another level by even implementing hall sweeps. Although this seems like a harsh change, this new uniform will greatly improve the atmosphere and look of Gables.

Although many students disagree with this new system, it enforces students to come to school in appropriate clothing and be into the mindset of learning. Some students would come to school in sweatpants and baggy hoodies which may be comfortable for them but is not the appropriate attire to be wearing to learn at school. This new system ensures that students will come in outfits that allow them to be ready to learn to the best of their abilities.

Students at Gables are the main representatives of the school, so by wearing uniforms, students aid in making the school look professional. This makes not only the students but the school as a whole look better since there is some order when it comes to what the students wear. Most private schools enforce very strict uniform policies which makes them look like a much more organized school. If students were to follow the new rules in place, then Gables would look like a much more cohesive community which reflects well on the school.

I used to wear sweat pants all the time to school and now I have to wear long pants that can get uncomfortable. I don’t like the change but I see why it’s needed,

— senior Felix Audouze

“I normally wear [the] uniform every day. Sometimes I show up to school with no polo under my jacket but I don’t mind having to wear it every day now,” senior Oliver Michel said.

However, some of the policies that are coming with this change can be a bit problematic when it comes to the response of the students. The students at this school have been used to a fairly loose policy for some time now and changing the restrictions this quickly is bound to bring some confusion or backlash.

For example, there has already been a student who attempted to start a protest against the new rules by setting up a date where everyone dresses completely against the dress codes. While this movement did not catch on, it does show the somewhat understandable discontent of some students to these changes.

To enforce the new policy, hall sweeps may be conducted to ensure that even when students are not in class, they are still in uniform. Although there is no confirmation of this by administration, it has been rumored that anyone caught out of dress code in a hall sweep will be sent straight to CSI instead of the usual punishment like a warning or detention. Frankly, wearing a slightly inconvenient polo and school-appropriate pants is not worth these consequences. The easiest option for students and the best option for the school would be to follow the uniform guidelines.

Although this system seems much harsher than the previous, it benefits both the school and the students by ensuring that the atmosphere around Gables is maintained to a professional level. Even though many of the students do not like the changes at the moment, the benefits will soon come and hopefully the attitude will adjust as well. It is important that students see that such a small change in their habits can make a long lasting impact throughout the school.