Marjorie Taylor Greene: A Force To Be Reckoned With


Natalie Abrahantes

Marjorie Taylor Greene continues to build a name for herself as a proud believer in conspiracy theories and member of far right-wing ideologies.

Lucia Chico, Staff Writer

With less than a month in Congress, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has managed to smear her name all over headlines. Even before being elected as a public servant, Greene was seen as an unlikely victorious candidate. Her campaign ads were full of guns, informalities and Trump rhetoric to their core. The freshman representative is a fierce advocate for claims that have been proven to be dangerous conspiracy theories. Greene’s outlandish ideas have gotten her a close audience with the former president and is to be considered a threat to fellow GOP politicians.

Representing Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, the tenth most Republican congressional district in the nation, Greene has spent her time in Congress so far entertaining baseless claims such as Joe Biden should be impeached for corruption and abuse of power. She has even gone as far as stating a campaign of impeachment against the president of less than 30 days.

Consequently, House Democrats are looking to strip her of her Congressional assignments to the Education and Labor Committee along with the Budget Committee, after items on her social media pointed to “extremism,” as well as for her public support of conspiracies that have been proven false. She once said at a rally that Nancy Pelosi deserves death for being a “tyrant” and has also liked social media comments that again, hinted to the death of Speaker Pelosi. Greene has also continued to post “impeach Biden” content all over her Instagram account and continues lies about election results, all things that raise concerns on the integrity of Congress. House Democrats have not stopped at just clearing her of her new assignments with 62 of them co-sponsoring what may be a reaching proposal to expel Greene from Congress entirely.

“The Republican Party needs to make clear that even though she was elected, she is outside the bounds of acceptable behavior. Having someone believing wildly false conspiracy theories leading an educational department can be really dangerous,” sophomore Leah Ullman said.

From believing the insurrectionists were championing our fight for democracy on Jan. 6 to thinking California wildfires were caused by Jewish Laser beams, her platform is based on the false information that many Americans have been swept into. Recently, one of her most disgraceful claims is against children, specifically the victims of school shootings. She stated that the Marjory Stoneman Douglas and Sandy Hook shootings were staged in order to instill a fear of guns into the American public. A recent video surfaced of Greene harassing the face of the gun control movement, David Hogg, who is a Parkland survivor advocating for better gun regulation.

It is disappointing to see a Congressional representative completely disregard the trauma that all school shooting survivors and families still go through, as well as her downplaying of gun violence as a whole. She proceeded to claim that if school security guards had been armed, the shootings could have been avoided. What the United States needs is more guns near children and schools; it could not get worse, right? Well, Greene, the same representative who followed the gun legislation activist on the streets of Washington D.C., has been placed on a committee that is in charge of schools. That is, frankly, embarrassing and offensive to all students who live with the constant threat of school shooters and have to complete shooter drills on a monthly basis.

“In all honesty, the anger that resides in American youth may be uncontrolled [with respect to school shootings], but it’s justified with the way these politicians view human lives as pawns in their power play. At one point, it needs to stop being centered around political advances and needs to refocus on why the government was made— to honor and represent the people of America,” sophomore Zarah Correa said.

By appointing Rep. Greene onto committees like the Education and Budget Committee, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has only shown that the chaos of the Trump era is far from over. The commotion caused by Rep. Greene has only tested the leadership and the last bit of unity that left in the Republican Party. GOP representatives are caught in a situation where they need another conservative voice in the House, but do not want to constantly condemn or stand by every outrageous thing she says or does. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a force to be reckoned with, not because she has proven to be a key player in America’s current political landscape, but because she is, like Senator Mitch McConell put it, the very “cancer” that is eating up the Republican Party and our nation.