January 6, 2021: A Coup and Chaos at the Hands of White Supremacists


Anthony Abrahantes

January 6th was a day no one will forget as we saw the United States fall victim to rioters who attempted to complete an insurrection.

Gabriela McGrath Moreira, Staff Writer

For many Americans, President Trump’s last year in office brought about a great deal of unease. Though, the three years prior were not great either, the year of 2020 further proved his inability to hold such a position. From his failure to devise an adequate plan to fight COVID-19 to his attempt to prove this presidential election was fraudulent, our country’s humanity and democracy were put at risk. A day that will be remembered in history–Wednesday, Jan. 6–was supposed to be a day to demonstrate a procedure of democracy to verify the election in Congress. Instead we saw Trump supporters and far right conspiracists storm the capital after the former president continued to fuel hateful sentiments about Democrats, electoral votes, and even his own vice president, through social media and speeches. The reputation of America is tainted and people around the world are horrified. Donald Trump, former president of the United States, is a traitor and a threat to the integrity of our US Constitution and our democratic government.

Slogans such as “stop the steal” and “proud supporters of the Q” were found everywhere near the Capitol on Wednesday, as the domestic terrorists resorted to an attempted insurrection. The storming of Capitol Hill was an event that shook our country and the world, considering how quick the most sacred building in this nation was breached. Over the years we have seen a decline of respect and tolerance amongst the two distinct political sides. Now, this civil unrest has become so divisive that the repercussions of far-right extremists are seen through violence and destruction. A recent study has shown that at least 60% of Democrats and Republicans believed the other party was a “serious threat to the nation.” The polarization of different political views this year caused a country known for its dominance and prosperity, to become a joke.

In the last four years, we’ve seen white supremacy become more and more apparent. it’s always been here, but Trump has given these people an outlet, and it culminated in this storming of the Capitol. I without a doubt blame Trump for the events, as well as those that enable him,

— senior Isabella Rodriguez

As crowds of people violently pushed past police to get into the building, the police’s reaction to the situation stood out, especially in comparison to peaceful Black Lives Matter protests carried out this past summer. When these citizens were peacefully protesting for equality there were members of the National Guard lining the streets and policemen equipped with tear gas and rubber bullets. Yet on Wednesday, there was none of this. Due to Washington D.C. not being a state, the federal government had complete control over deploying the national guard and chose not to immediately do so. Almost 400 BLM protesters were arrested on one day of protesting alone with a lack of sufficient evidence to actually make the arrest, while arrests for people directly involved with Wednesday’s attack happened days later. The irony is, those a part of Wednesday’s attacks were equipped with weapons, breached federal property and destroyed the building’s interior. None of these acts fit a “peaceful protest” description—this was a direct attack on the building and everyone in it. Considering themselves “American Patriots,” how is it patriotic to inflict harm on a building that symbolizes American patriotism? This is purely delusional.

Moreover, these same people previously proudly promoted “Blue Lives Matter,” yet it was clear that they never planned on staying true to this phrase. The pro-Trump aggressors inflicted great phyiscal harm which resulted in 4 Capitol policemen’s deaths. These two events highlight the severity of white privilege and the misconceptions that Black Lives Matter protesters are there to incite violence. We are at a point in U.S. history, where the deeply rooted prejudices like racism in American citizens and governmental systems are finally coming to light.

This event did not happen by a fluke. The man who held the highest position in our nation, did nothing but encourage the isolation of political parties and gave a large platform for white supremacists, who were feeling and continue to feel that their country is being taken away. In modern times, we have never seen so many Americans willing to challenge this nation’s democratic process. According to a report by the Center for the Future of Democracy, the percentage of Americans who say they are dissatisfied with their democracy has more than doubled over the last two decades. Why is that though? Over the past decade, we have slowly seen a much more inclusive political and work setting, so could it be that, Republican extremists are afraid of losing their stronghold?

“Yes, Biden won, but almost half of the country still voted for someone who refuses to concede and instead incites violence,” freshman Anabella Rodriguez said.

The heinous crime we all witnessed was an act of domestic terrorism fueled by the president of the United States and his enablers. It has brought disgrace to our country and our way of governing. Those a part of the attacks that recently occurred should be charged to the fullest degree and that does not exclude Donald Trump.