Do Not Get Tricked Into Not Treating This Year


Anthony Russo

Whether you are nine or 99, trick-or-treating is an essential component of Halloween.

Anthony Russo, Staff Writer

Trick-or-treating is the classic involving kids and adults dressing up in costume costumes and moving from house to house in hopes of getting a sweet treat and, while parents often take their children trick-or-treating  as their kids get older, the inevitable question arises: are you ever too old to participate?

Trick-or-treating is a great activity for everyone to take part in because it allows both kids and adults to get a chance to explore their community, meet new people and get a chance to be embody something now for one night out of the year. People of all ages should be able to take advantage of the multitudes of opportunities trick-or-treating has to offer without having to worry about any surrounding stigma.

“Trick-or-treating is for anybody willing to have fun and participate. The age should not be the factor that decides whether or not you participate,” sophomore Melissa Ventura said.

Despite the obvious fact that trick-or-treating allows the participant to receive candy, it is also a great opportunity for both kids and adults to get to know their own community. As a result of work and other commitments, many people do not have the time to go explore and see what their neighborhood has to offer. However, Halloween provides the perfect opportunity to do so while having fun with family and friends. Every town and neighborhood is packed with places to see and explore that help us understand ourselves and our neighbors better. Who knows? You may find something you were not expecting, such as intriguing architecture, history or even some natural beauty unique to your own living area.

Additionally, meeting new people can be hard for some, but one of the greatest aspects of trick-or-treating is how it pulls the community together. On Halloween, neighbors often walk on the sidewalks and ring people’s doorbells, even hosting “block parties” for the community to share. This holiday promotes togetherness through one common goal: gather as much candy as possible. This makes conversations much less awkward when all parties have pillowcases stuffed with candy and are dressed in costume. Continuing to trick or treat through adolescence and adulthood further encourages the opportunity to meet new people.

Halloween is the only time of year when it is socially acceptable to be dressed as a donut, knock on someone’s door and demand candy, and actually success in getting it. While it encompasses a sense of youth, the spirit of trick-or-treating is one that you are never too old for. There is no other time in the year where you can uniquely express yourself through what you are wearing. Again, Halloween is a community celebration, so let your costume bring your family and friends together to share a good time and some great laughs.

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You should be able to go trick-or-treating whenever you want. No matter what age you are, trick-or-treating is for everybody

— sophomore Kaitlyn Villardefrancos

On the other hand, some people feel that there should be an age limit to dressing up and asking for candy. Those people feel that if the “child” is old enough to drive and hold a job, he or she should just go buy their own candy. What they fail to see is that trick-or-treating is not only about the candy but about having the opportunity to feel young again, basking in the nostalgia of an activity that was once dear to them growing up. The real point of trick-or-treating is to go out and spread as much Halloween spirit as you can to enhance the experience for everyone. If adults want to go trick-or-treating, we should embrace their wishes, not shame them.

Overall, trick-or-treating should not be restricted to a specific age group. There are many benefits that come with it for adults as well, such as getting a chance to explore your community, meeting new people and getting the opportunity to dress up as whatever you want while obtaining sweet treats. Shaming teens and adults for trick-or-treating needs to end, and trick-or-treating should be able to be enjoyed by everyone, no matter the age of the individual.