Super Bowl Commercials: Were they really “Super”?

Trey Riera-Gomez, Staff Writer

While the majority of the hundred million viewers tuned in to CBS on Sunday night to watch the conclusion of the 2018-2019 National Football League (NFL) season, many others watched on not in the interest of the game itself but rather for the highly anticipated Super Bowl commercials. This year’s aired clips have been widely advertised not only during the game but also before and after the game itself, adding on to anticipation surrounding them. As always, many of these commercials sat well with the commercial-enthusiasts of the world, yet there were also a few that struggled to impress even those not invested in watching them.

NFL’s 100 Years Commercial

Our Rating: A

Arguably the favorite commercial aired during this year’s Super Bowl, the video was centered around a celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the NFL. In it, tons of the NFL’s past and present stars sat in for a gala which began with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell giving a speech. He was promptly interrupted, however, when Oakland Raiders feature running back Marshawn Lynch knocked a football off of a decorative cake, resulting in a hilarious scramble for the football. In the remaining time, players brawled, destroying the gala, all fighting for the ball. Personally, this commercial was very well done seeing as it was well coordinated and directed. On top of that, the commercial brought together a number of my favorite players in the NFL, such as Saquon Barkley, Odell Beckham and Peyton Manning.

“This commercial was my favorite because it displayed the creativity and playfulness that’s been a part of the NFL for so long,” senior Fresiano Correia said.

Verizon’s First Responder Commercial 

Our Rating: A+

This year Verizon’s commercial touched the hearts of millions, as it reached out to thank and express gratitude for all of the first responders who risk their own lives to protect the lives of others. The commercial featured Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn speaking for the first time to the first responders who saved his life during the California wildfires that occurred earlier this year, thanking them for what they did. This segment was very emotional for many viewers, especially those who have been in similar situations and was very well received seeing as it honored the jobs and risks that these brave men and women take on a daily basis. To highlight the potential danger these responders are in, the commercial also showed scenes of men running into burning buildings and helicopters searching through flood zones. This commercial was also very well done and I was glad to see the recognition that these first responders received; often times, they stay out of sight and out of mind unless someone is directly involved or if there is a crisis.

Mint Mobile Nasty Milk

Our Rating: C

Unlike the two commercials above, this one wasn’t so well received. In an advertisement designed to promote Mint Mobile’s wireless network plan, the commercial opened to a man in disbelief at Mint Mobile’s low prices and stating “That’s not right!” Then, the Mint Mobile mascot appears and corrects him, informing him that it is indeed not fake. In an attempt to incorporate a humorous scenario of something that really is not right, the ad shows a family drinking “chunky” spoiled milk which is disgusting in itself and paired with well-placed sound effects becomes almost revolting. While it may have been somewhat humorous, the commercial is remembered by most not for the mobile service it is advertising, but rather for the disgusting image of drinking spoiled milk.

“I thought Mint Mobile’s commercial was alright because of the comedic scene involving people drinking spoiled milk, but at the same time it was very disgusting,” senior Kade Marriott said.

In conclusion, the commercials aired during this year’s Super Bowl were pretty well rounded, with no absolute disasters and a variety of entertaining and funny commercials. So with this year now in the record books as a success, we look forward to seeing what next year will bring.