Kachowing for the Last Time

Alexander Yagoda, Staff Writer

Release Date: June 16, 2017

DirectorBrian Fee

Starring: Owen Wilson (Lightning McQueen), Arnie Hammer (Jackson Storm), Cristela Alonzo (Cruz Ramirez)

MPAA Rating: G

Our Rating: A++

“Cars 3” is all about two things: going fast and getting old. While the newest installment in one of Pixar’s most memorable franchises hasn’t done very well in terms of critical acclaim, its message of aging resonated with older audiences, especially those above the age of seven, and struck an even harder tone with those who are actually aging.

Watching the movie makes it abundantly clear that, despite Pixar generally being seen as a source of children’s movies, it also appeals to adults with its relatively straightforward plots and enthralling stories. It is also a wholesome alternative to the more violent films that appeal to the guttural side of human nature like “Baby Driver” and “It Comes At Night.” For example, while the plot of “Cars 3” contains some action, it is not the kind of action that feeds into the more animalistic side of human nature. Instead, it is the kind of action that makes the movie all the more interesting, while not making it inaccessible to kids of young ages.

“You could really see parallels to other great cinema like ‘Rocky 4’. You see, there are four types of movies: a ‘flick,’ the lowest of the low, a ‘movie,’ your average movie, a ‘film,’ a movie of great overall quality, and then ‘cinema,’ the best a movie can possibly be. ‘Cars 3’ is definitely cinema,” sophomore Kevin Monjarrez said.

The movie, which has a 1 hour and 49 minute run time, feels too short, not because any plot elements are left out, but rather because it’s just one of those movies you want to keep on going and going forever, entrapping you in the pleasantly addicting atmosphere it creates.

“‘Cars 3’ is the best darn movie I’ve ever seen,” sophomore Emily Kay said.

In all, “Cars 3” is a masterpiece that sends resonating messages among people of all ages and is now the second of two movies to ever make me cry (the first being “Up,” of course). To conclude, the final installment in this trilogy (hopefully, seeing as the series’s second movie was disastrous at best) brings a heartwarming and good-naturedly fun story to the summer movie scene. Although the “Cars” franchise may have ended, Pixar will continue to make sequels to their award-winning movies, ending with “The Incredibles 2” in 2018, which has left people asking for 14 years-

Frozone asks the question we’ve all been asking.