Cavaliers Successfully Sell Out Homecoming Tickets


Maria Puyana

Students excitedly purchasing their homecoming tickets.

Emma Garcia, Staff Writer

Last week, on Sep. 25 and 26, homecoming tickets rapidly sold out. Despite some skepticism that the event would have to be canceled, as it has been in previous years, lines filled with hundreds of students waiting to purchase a ticket told a different story.

This year’s homecoming will take place at the University of Miami (UM) ballroom, a large enough venue to hold the 600 students excited to attend. In addition to the 400 tickets sold in the student activities room on the first two days of sales, the next morning an additional 200 were sold, causing the expansion of the UM ballroom to accommodate the extra people.

The tickets cost $30, only $5 more than they have been in previous years when homecoming was an on-campus event.

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“We went all out this year to make sure that homecoming doesn’t get canceled again.

— senior Alexander Sutton

For weeks, students at Gables’ were encouraged to buy tickets by members of Student Activities, student council members, staff and their peers. To even further motivate students, Student Activities announced that for every 50 tickets sold, a member of the student council will be pied in the face. Not only that, but since all 400 tickets sold out, Activities Director Ms. Suarez agreed to get pied in the face.

Many students can’t wait for all the delicious food mentioned, such as sushi and possibly a dessert table. These new additions encouraged many to buy tickets leading to the event not getting canceled. This has been the first homecoming off-campus in several years, prompting for more excitement. Not only is it in a large venue, but the theme of A Night In Paradise has several wondering how to match it.

“I’m really glad the attire is semi-formal because I have been wanting to dress up and be in a fancy venue,” senior Isabel Quintanilla said.

Homecoming will take place on Nov. 2, so don’t forget to mark those calendars. Tickets to the event are nonrefundable and parking is limited so it is best to get dropped off by a guardian or an Uber or a Lyft.

The tickets are also nontransferable, so only those who bought the ticket may use them on the night of the dance.

Lastly, do not forget to thank the student council and activities for their hard work and effort in making sure that this year’s homecoming will be spectacular.