Art Walk


Students participated in Art Walk- an annual event organized by the Catharsis staff. Cavaliers from both Catharsis and Art Club had the opportunity to demonstrate their talents.

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  • Senior Ari Herrera expressed her opinion towards domestic abuse in men as she painted words on him that represented that men can also be abused.

  • Junior Malika McKenney created a one of a kind acrylic painting named Fruit salad. This was her first time using lots of colors where she attempted an abstract painting rather than realism.

  • Junior Maria Abrahamyan, who has been interested in art since fifth grade, painting “Beehive” coming from the head in a surrealistic style.

  • Junior Isabella Villarroel used acrylic paint to bring her painting to life. She was inspired by a picture she saw on Pinterest and made it her own by changing the colors

  • Senior Arianna Rodriguez painted her drawing “Halo” that was inspired by the deceptions of the Virgen of Charity.

  • Junior Villarroeal painted her drawing that was inspired from a Pinterest post and made it her own by changing the colors.

  • Allyson Turino continued painting her three dimensional canvas that expressed the concept of people believing that crying shows weakness but in reality it shows bravery and boldness.

  • Self taught junior Malika McKenney successfully attempted her first oil painting titled “From Singer Sargent”.