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Sports Scores
Gables senior class celebrated their collective effort to maintain a high GPA alongside their extracurricular activities.
Gables Celebrates Excellence at the 2024-25 Awards Ceremony
Marina Astorga, News Editor • Mar 25, 2024

In an annual event, Coral Gables Senior High rewarded honors to selected...

Orlando Capote gazes around his former neighborhood now being covered in a massive Plaza. Not giving up, Orlando doesnt let the construction stop him from keeping his home.
Coral Gables Resident Refuses to Sell His Home
Santiago Rodriguez, Staff Writer • Mar 12, 2024

Across Ponce de Leon, The Plaza Coral Gables is currently projecting its...

Juniors compared and complimented each others rings, a custom creation that held personal preferences and served as a high school memento.
Class of 2025’s Rings Shine at the Junior Ring Ceremony
Marina Astorga, News Editor • Mar 9, 2024

From 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., the Class of 2025 attended the annual Junior Ring...

 Tiffany Beh realizes her future as she becomes a Carson Scholar, taking a significant step towards college admission.
Paving Her Path to Success, Tiffany Beh Becomes a Carson Scholar
Luke Savage, Staff Writer • Mar 17, 2024

On March 4, as the new 2024 Carson Scholars were released, junior Tiffany Beh was selected...

Cavalier turned Bilikin, Valentina Araujo stands alongside her guide and CAP advisor Ms. Sanz ready to embark on her journey to SLU-Madrid.
SLU-Madrid Grants Valentina Araujo a Pathway to Nursing
Gianna Figueroa, Staff Writer • Mar 8, 2024

Taking a moment to reconfigure their lives to match their career outlooks, seniors at...

Visiting the Miami-Dade College of Education at Padrón Campus, the current Teaching Academy Board takes a break after a seminar is finished.
Future Educators in the Uprising
Valentina Gomez, Staff Writer • Mar 2, 2024

At Coral Gables Senior High, where knowledge blossoms, the Teaching Academy guides students...

A mix of a Lady Green representative, custodial staff and a PTSA parent gather around for a celebratory photo, finally making their green aspirations come to life.
Promoting a New Mission in Gables with Recycling
Valentina Gomez, Staff Writer • Feb 27, 2024

As of today, 32% of Americans recycle. Becoming a part of that percentage, the upcoming...

Maria Rivero stands proudly showing her new school the University of Chicago.
Maria Rivero Enters College-Bound Status With UChicago
Irela Montelongo, Staff Writer • Feb 21, 2024

From achieving countless principal honor rolls in her academic career as a middle schooler,...

Stepping on to the mat for one last time,  Imbert has led Gables to qualify for the state championship. Getting into his stance, he prepares to wrestle his opponent.
Diego Imbert Leads Gables to States One Last Time
Anthony Fajardo, Staff Writer • Mar 31, 2024

Prepping for his final year as a Cavalier, senior Diego Imbert has worked...

With a powerful right hand stroke, Miller defends his side of the court against a player from South Dade High School.
Warren Miller Swings Ferociously into the Tennis Season
Valentina Gomez, Staff Writer • Mar 18, 2024

Dedicated to tennis, junior Warren Miller has come a long way. Being a...

A show full of laughs, triumphs and controversy, The Oscars nominations and final decisions are debated by Coral Gables Senior Highs students.
Students React to the 96th Annual "Oscars"
Lorena Acevedo, Staff Writer • Mar 18, 2024

As awards show season kicked off widespread across the televisions of millions...

Amidst disagreements between TikTok and Universal Music Group in contract extensions, TikTok has removed a significant portion of trendy audios from their site.
TikTok Removes Universal Music Group Artists From Their Catalog
Anthony Fajardo, Staff Writer • Mar 17, 2024

In the evolving landscape of social media, TikTok has become a global sensation,...

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