Gables’s Medical Leaders: A Tribute To Andrea Jaime


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Andrea Jaime, a member of the Cavalier graduating class of 2013, poses for her senior picture.

Emma Garcia, Staff Writer

The Andrea Jaime Medical Leaders club is Coral Gables Senior High’s first ever medical club, and the students currently serving as board members helped with the idea to create a club to unite those interested in studying and potentially working in the medical field. With the help of Mr. Molina, the club’s sponsor, the board members began thinking of possible names for the club until finally settling on the one that felt just right. The name for the club was inspired by alumna Andrea Jaime, a former Cavalier that left an impact in the lives of many students and teachers alike.

Remaining in contact with Jaime’s long-time best friend, the idea for the name of the club came to Mr. Molina as the anniversary of her death approached. He quickly realized it was something he had to share with the board members, with the end result being as beautiful and amazing as Andrea Jaime was.

As a graduate of the class of 2013, Jaime was a former International Baccalaureate student at Coral Gables Senior High. Along with being in such a rigorous academic program, Jaime was very involved in extracurriculars. She played on Gables’ soccer, volleyball and softball teams and also took part in the Gables Police Athletic League. Because of her dedication to sports, the Key Biscayne Community Center even honored her all throughout their 2017 season for volleyball by wearing the letters “AJ” on their uniforms.

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There is no one student that has ever made an impact in my life like she did

— Mr.Molina

This involvement was one of the factors that deemed her the recipient of the Gates Scholarship, which helped her afford her education at the very prestigious Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. There, she majored in nursing, planning to attend medical school and become a doctor. Her dedication to medicine was one of the deciding factors in naming the club after her.

Besides her involvement in the school and her community, she was very in touch with others. She was incredibly caring and always reached out to those in need. According to Mr. Molina, Andrea Jaime always made a point to leave a message to others no matter what. Her kind heart made such a strong impact on those around her.

“I would describe her as a model citizen. She was a role model for all of her peers. She was a very bright, kind and giving person,” math teacher and CAF&DM academy leader Ms. Zuniga said.

While in her second year of college, Jaime contracted meningitis, a bacterial infection that attacks the membranes (meninges) causing them to become inflamed. Due to the infection, she unfortunately passed away in 2014.

Many at Gables were in shock that something like this had happened to such a wonderful person and her loss heavily impacted the students and staff here at the school. Five years later, her memory still remains admired among staff in the school. Naming the medical club after her was a step towards remembering her and sharing her legacy.

“Andrea was a beautiful person and I’m so glad this club will help her be remembered and honored at Gables,” AP European History teacher Mrs. Landsea said.

After Mr. Molina contacted Andrea Jaime’s parents and spoke to the board about naming the club after her, everyone was in favor of his idea and believed it was the best opportunity to honor her. Undeniably, Andrea Jaime left a lasting impact on the lives of so many people who knew and loved her, and the passion and positivity she radiated will forever be remembered.

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  • Jaime finds out she is the Gates Scholar winner in Mr.Molina’s class.

  • Andrea Jaime and Mr.Molina pose in his classroom.

  • Jaime with her varsity volleyball team (bottom row to the right, fourth).

  • Jaime long kicking the soccer ball.

  • Jaime drops down a bunt during a softball game.

  • Jaime, in the Cavaleon’s yearbook, describes her passion for volleyball during her sophomore year.

  • Jaime (top row, third to the left) poses with the Lady Cavalier Soccer team.

  • Jaime (first row, seventh) and her volleyball team pose cheerfully.

  • Andrea Jaime (right) poses with her best friend, Priscilla Rodriguez, during the first day of school.

  • Andrea Jaime and her best friend, Priscilla Rodriguez, pose for a selfie.