Class of 2019: Meet Your Freshman Board

The Class of 2019 officially embarked on its Cavalier journey on Oct. 12, 2015 as the class voted for their freshman board. Get to know this year’s class officers below!


Alfredo Wolfermann, Freshmen Class President.
Alfredo Wolfermann, Freshman Class President
Sutton Payne, Freshmen Class Vice President
Sutton Payne, Freshman Class Vice President
Ana Wolfermann, Freshmen Class Secretary  
Ana Wolfermann, Freshman Class Secretary
Maria Estrada, Freshman Class Treasurer
Maria Estrada, Freshman Class Treasurer
Natalia Torres-, Freshmen Class Treasurer
Natalia Torres, Freshman Class Treasurer
Cristian Ochoa. Freshmen Class Treasurer
Cristian Ochoa, Freshman Class Treasurer

Wishing to leave a legendary mark on the Class of 2019, the freshman board is ready to embark on this new journey with willingness and positivity.