Students With School Spirit



Four students dressed in white

Daymara Fernandez, Staff Writer

This week from Monday to Thursday students have been demonstrating their school spirit with different daily attires. On the four days of the week, students participated in color wars, western day, and a “blast from the past” day. On the last day of the week, it was a seniors-only day, were our upperclassmen wore white and had their own pep rally.


Our Rating: B

On Monday, freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors competed in color wars. Each grade level was assigned one of our four school uniform colors: black, white, gray and red. With all our colors clashing for recognition, it is difficult to only recognize one student’s efforts. Many painted their faces to suit their color; girls changed their makeup; everyone found a way to be included. There were a lot of colors throughout this day. However, plenty of students didn’t put enough effort into this day. Many students simply didn’t care for this day, whether it was because they’ve done it before and it’s grown repetitive, or it just isn’t as fun as it used to be. This day also didn’t give options for creative freedom on student’s attire. A lot is still desired from students’ participation.

Four seniors wearing red.
Three freshmen wearing black (one guy dabbing in the background).

“I thought it was a really fun, I just wish it could’ve been on a full week so we could have had more days, and I wish there had been a color war pep rally for everyone,” freshman Mia Crabill said.


Our Rating: A

On Tuesday, our school threw on clothes from the western side of our country to celebrate western day. Throughout the school’s halls, it was easy to spot cowboys, cowgirls, cows and even chickens. Some chose to saddle up with different costumes. Most students paired flannel long sleeve shirts with overalls, jeans and jackets, and accessorized with their own assorted belts and charro sombreros. This day had great outfits, with students beaming with school spirit. On western day, there was definitely an improvement and increase in students that came in costume. A ton of students could be seen across the halls sporting their great western attire. Not only did many students participate, but it seemed as one of the best days of spirit week, whether it was the appealing theme or fun of dressing up differently from school uniform.

Three students in western-style clothing.
Five seniors in western-style clothing.
A student in western-style clothes.

“Spirit week is the best time of year to show a unique personality that your friends don’t usually see and most importantly show your school spirit,” freshman Daniel Fernandez said.


Our Rating: B

Moving on to Wednesday, we could see throughout our campus students glamming out disco-style. On blast to the past day, people had on their afros, their beanies and their tie-dye shirts. Most students chose to represent a specific decade, like the 70s, 80s, or 90s. With so many different styles and versions, it’s difficult to pin just one person for best dressed. We’ve had overall decent ratings throughout the board, although all effort is commemorated. An enormous amount of students took part in this last day of spirit week for all grade levels. Nonetheless, it still doesn’t compare with western day. A lot of students had great outfits which you could easily tell which decade they are from. Others, however, didn’t. Either way, you could tell many students raided their parent’s closets to participate.

Student wearing old-style clothing.
Two students wearing old-style clothing.
Two students wearing 70s style clothing (one guy in the background photo-bombing).
Two students wearing old-style clothes.

“Spirit week was a lot of fun. I loved how so many people participated; it was amazing; I didn’t think that people took it that seriously but it really surprised me,” freshman Lisbet Martinez said.


Our Rating: A

During the last day of the week, our seniors had a day of glory. They celebrated their school spirit today by dressing in white and neon to show school spirit. Students with a wristband also got to go to a pep rally. Overall, the seniors dressed their best. Considering they had a pep rally, seniors had a great Thursday. Multiple students could be seen only wearing white, accessorizing their outfits with headbands, hats, necklaces, shoes and even pompoms. In all, a lot of seniors participated in this event, most likely due to the fact that it was especially celebrating their grade level. All throughout campus, you could tell seniors participated in this day the most over all the other days.

Five seniors wearing white.
Three seniors wearing white.

“Spirit week is an exciting way for students to show their Gables spirit while expressing themselves with fun outfits. It’s fun getting to dress up with your friends and take pictures,” freshman Chloe Mendez said.

With a long weekend putting an end to our spirit week, students still showed their school spirit by going to the Black-out Columbus Game. On Saturday, students who bought their tickets got to go to the Homecoming Dance in the gym. With this much school spirit, some students without a doubt will be glad to return to our campus and their classes.