The many European soccer leagues have a broad variety of jaw-dropping action, with displays of defending, scoring, playmaking, and athleticism occurring on a weekly basis.

Visiting The Best of the Best Soccer leagues

Patrick Heydasch, Staff Writer March 24, 2021

With every soccer league's fixtures rolling into a crunch period and nearing their end, now is the best time to evaluate each league with their historical rosters and decide which league is truly the most...

Produce bags are a sustainable way to store food items and keep them fresh.

Sustainable Alternatives for Everyday Items

Arianna Hoyos, Staff Writer October 3, 2020

The term sustainability has grown in popularity throughout the 21st century and is now heard all over the news, social media and television. This may leave people wondering: what is sustainability exactly...

In honor of Valentines Day, Cavaliers put on accessories and took pictures with their significant other. Students had a great time expressing their love and making unforgettable high school memories.

Love Around the World

Alexander Tabares, Staff Writer February 13, 2020

The most romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day is traditionally a day in which people exchange letters, chocolates and flowers in the United States. However, many other countries celebrate the holiday...

The French National Team celebrates their World Cup victory.

World Cup 2018 Finalized With French Triumph, Croatian Tears

Daniel Toll, Sports Editor July 20, 2018

Life says the odds are against you. Sports say there is always a chance. Entering the World Cup, Croatia was projected to have a mere 3% chance of making it to the Final. On July 15, the Croatian team...

FIFA 2018: The Groups Are In

FIFA 2018: The Groups Are In

Adriana Meijaard, Staff Writer December 12, 2017

It comes every four years. It recognizes 211 national associations in men's soccer. It is the most watched sports event internationally. The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)...

Rescue officials giving aide to the victims of the suicide bombing in an amusement park of Lashore. Pakistan.

Easter Bombing in Pakistan

Natalie De La Rosa, Staff Writer April 5, 2016

Many people celebrate Easter around the globe; however, this year's Easter was very different for the Christian minority in Lahore, Pakistan. Christian families united to celebrate Easter in a children's...

The first GOP debate of the year revolved around top candidates: Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

The First GOP Debate of 2016

Natalie De La Rosa, Staff Writer January 27, 2016

On Jan 15, seven Republican presidential candidates took to the stage for their first GOP debate of 2016. This debate was slightly different because it was hosted by Fox News Network rather than CNN. Not...

Be Green!

Ways to Save the World

Nicolas Schmidt, Staff Writer November 10, 2015

As you walk around your neighborhood, you might see some people recycling their garbage. These people are helping to save the world by allowing the rest of the world to reuse all of their possessions and...

Disney World vs. Universal is an intricate comparison of each parks many unique features.

Disney World vs. Universal

Robert DeDonatis, Staff Writer March 28, 2015

Our Rating: Disney World- A, Universal- B+ By far, two of the biggest theme park conglomerates are Disney World and Universal. When pinned against one another, who will be the best of the two? To determine...

Although it may seem like an overly American tradition, many cultures around the world use fireworks to celebrate the new year.

9 New Year’s Eve Traditions from Around the World

Hannah Cordes, Sports Editor December 30, 2014 New Year! Many people in the United States celebrate the New Year with fireworks, partying and the dropping the New Year's Ball, but all over the world there are different traditions...

The Park is Open: Jurassic World is the newest installment of The Jurassic Park movie series.

Jurrasic World Trailer

Robert DeDonatis, Staff Writer December 26, 2014

Release Date: June 12, 2015 MPAA Rating: PG-13 Director: Colin Trevorrow Writing Credits: Michael Crichton Our Rating: A On Nov. 25, Universal Studios' YouTube channel released a trailer that fans...

Every Person Blood Runs Red

Every Person Blood Runs Red

Camilo Bacca, Staff Writer December 16, 2013

Who knew December could be so touching? On this month, we commemorate the millions of people who have lost their lives to AID’s related deaths. We honor those who fought, and continue to fight, for an...

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