Jurrasic World Trailer



“The Park is Open”: Jurassic World is the newest installment of The Jurassic Park movie series.

Robert DeDonatis, Staff Writer

Release Date: June 12, 2015

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Director: Colin Trevorrow

Writing Credits: Michael Crichton

Our Rating: A

On Nov. 25, Universal Studios’ YouTube channel released a trailer that fans of the Jurassic Park series were anxiously waiting for: Jurassic World. Taking in over 45,040,157 views on the initial trailer (as of Dec. 19), the newest installment of the series looks to be one of next summer’s most promising blockbusters, with a release date of June 12, 2015.

The original Jurassic Park trilogy followed the lives of distinct people interacting with multiple parks; these parks were the prototypes for Jurassic World. While the looming possibility of the park finally being open seemed possible but difficult, by the end, the park being commercialized was critically damaged. So the news of one of the parks finally opening offered a new perspective; Jurassic World is the final product of an island theme park with dinosaurs that are “real.”

“I actually enjoyed the trailer. I know some people who did not, but I think they revealed enough, and it has definitely motivated me to see the movie,” freshman Dan Lieferman said.

The trailer starts out with a mother sending her two children on a trip to Jurassic World. They reach the island where you can watch small cutscenes of dinosaurs performing day-to-day tasks such as running, standing, walking and eating. Enter, the lead female actress Bryce Dallas Howard, who gives a speech about how far science has come, but then mentions the main conflict in the movie: a genetically modified dinosaur. Enter Chris Pratt, who says that it is “probably not a good idea” to make a new dinosaur. So why would they make a new dinosaur? 1. A new dinosaur would most likely increase park revenue. 2. Scientists in movies are always just too curious. Then the dinosaur escapes (who would’ve guessed?) and enter the slightly creepy piano music, meaning something bad is brewing. They evacuate while trying to find the dinosaur, but there is just one problem: the boy at the beginning of the trailer is still on the island… Cut back to Chris Pratt, riding a motorcycle and being followed by some smaller dinosaurs (velociraptors), almost as if they were on his side (hint, hint).

Despite launching with a PG-13 Rating, and taking all of the media’s criticism for lack of intensity/horror/violence, the trailer has just enough cliffhangers to make even the slightest of the series’ fans want to see this movie. Jurassic World is already proving to be a hard movie to skip out on next summer.

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