Sushi Me Rollin’ to Sushi Maki

Dragon roll, Whole Foods roll, Budda Cane Roll and Boba Tea from Sushi Maki.

Adriana Castro, Staff Writer

December 11, 2018

Our Rating: A+ While there are many restaurants opening up along Miracle Mile, there is one that stands out above the rest: Sushi Maki. Although it is one of many sushi restaurants, Sushi Maki is unique for it not only offers numerous unique combinations of sushi rolls but also offers rather non-traditional items, such as tacos. This establishes Sushi Mak...

Shipped in Sushi

Boats circle around the restaurant with sushi waiting to be picked.

Alma Martinez, highlights contributor

September 18, 2018

For many, having their dinner arrive on a miniature Japanese fishing boat may not have made it onto their bucket list; however, Sushy Lucy’s floating boats are definitely worth saving a spot. Though the fluorescent lights and hole-in-the-wall feel may not look like much from the outside, diml...

That’s How They Roll: Izakaya

The sushi at Izakaya is always made with the freshest fish.

Natalia Rodriguez, Reviews Editor

August 12, 2018

Our Rating: A+ A couple of blocks off of Miracle Mile on Aragon Avenue stands a small peach colored building. At first sight, the building does not seem to draw too much attention. However, looks are quite deceiving; within the rather simple building is one of the best Japanese restaurants in all of Miami,...

Yoko’s: Where the Fish Just Keep Swimming

Sushi master ready to make your order!

Samantha Valero, Staff Writer

April 28, 2015

Our Rating: A For two years, Miami has seen the most magical sushi place around serve its delicious goodies. Yoko's, a family-oriented restaurant, is relatively new to Miami's beachy shores, but has already made an impression. "I have been working here for one year now, and I love making my foo...

The Sushi Controversy

Sushi is an irresistible treat for some, but to others, it represents an unhealthy meal.

Daniela Quijano, Editor

February 1, 2015

Our current society seems to be fixated on the things that are and aren't good for us. However, there seems to be a problem; everything appears to be unhealthy for us- even sushi. Those who enjoy sushi have probably heard comments such as such as "you will get mercury poisoning" or "you're eating...

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