Alma Martinez / highlights contributor

Boats circle around the restaurant with sushi waiting to be picked.

Shipped in Sushi

Sushi Lucy brings a fun and modern twist to traditional foods in Miami—the home of cultural diversity.

For many, having their dinner arrive on a miniature Japanese fishing boat may not have made it onto their bucket list; however, Sushy Lucy’s floating boats are definitely worth saving a spot.

Alma Martinez / highlights contributor
Sushi Lucy’s decorative lanterns hang in the front of the store, offering dim lighting and a cultural experience.

Though the fluorescent lights and hole-in-the-wall feel may not look like much from the outside, dimly lit lanterns and chopsticks neatly placed on countertops await inside, offering anyone a compelling welcome. Sushi Lucy’s smiling staff greets you the minute you step foot in the restaurant with their motto, “Come as strangers, leave as friends.”

Located at 1680 NE 123rd St., Sushi Lucy is a traditional Japanese restaurant with a whimsical and unexpected twist. Upon entering, the customers’ eyes are immediately drawn to the right side of the restaurant, where there stands a water-filled ‘O’ shaped table covered with small wooden boats leading one another along the sushi river. A skilled chef stands in the center of the table carefully preparing the sushi and placing it onto a boat. Once the chef places a dish onto the boat, they come cycling around and customers are encouraged to grab the most appealing plate and dig in.

Color-coded pastel purple and bright, eye-catching red plates are posted along the wall with their corresponding price so they are easily accessible to customers. Prices range anywhere from $2.50 to $11.50, with dishes like fresh, lightly salted edamame to the chef’s choice special where the chef selects and creates a meal they specialize in. The menu also contains exotic items for the more adventurous eater such as spicy crab, octopus, eel and a seemingly never-ending list of nigiri. For those not willing to reach too far outside of their comfort zone, the menu carries traditional items such as the California roll and salmon sashimi.

“What I love most about the restaurant, besides the boats, is the variety of foods available on the menu. On Monday, you can come in and have something crazy like an octopus salad and then the next day have some shrimp,” employee Carla Soto said.

Alma Martinez / highlights contributor
A chef carefully prepares sushi, getting ready to place it on the circulating boats.

Small, local businesses such as Sushi Lucy are subtly enriching the Miami population with foreign food practices and giving the people a taste of different cultures.

“This is a hidden gem of a sushi restaurant. Absolutely delicious, an attentive staff in a warm and inviting location. A must for those looking for a gastronomic adventure with Sushi cuisine,” customer Raymond Martinez said.

However the average fast-paced Miami native may normally receive their food, Sushi Lucy is bound to change that in a way they may never forget.

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