Leaping to New Heights: Adelaide Schoeni Takes Over the Rink


Courtesy of Adelaide Schoeni

Adelaide Schoeni holds a firm position during her ice skating lesson.

Born and raised in Miami, Fla., freshman Adelaide Schoeni is ironically accustomed to frigid temperatures more than most. While teenagers are easily attracted to sports like basketball and football, Schoeni has evolved into a talented figure skater and aspires to go professional one day.

Lacking experience with slippery surfaces, Schoeni first mounted the ice during a summer camp at the Scott Rakow Youth Center. Her natural talent impressed a few professional coaches, who encouraged Schoeni to take up figure skating lessons. Despite some hesitation, Schoeni proposed the idea to her parents and began weekly sessions at around 7 years old.

Currently, Schoeni skates three times a week at the Pines Ice Arena as well as the Kendall Ice Arena. To begin every lesson, Schoeni usually skates a couple of laps around the rink. She focuses on the edges and then works on smooth turns before her coaches arrive.

Figure skating requires balance and flexibility. Whenever Schoeni performs moves like the double jump or flying spin, technique is the number one priority. Quick to try unfamiliar routines, Schoeni has learned to improve with persistence.

Landing a jump is one of the best feelings in the world. Usually, I go into the jump doubting that I will land it. It takes a lot of focus to get into the routine of landing your jumps correctly, but having the satisfaction of knowing that I can do it feels really great,

— freshman Adelaide Schoeni

“I have to remember to encourage myself and not entirely focus on my competition with others, but to focus on my competition with myself in that moment,” freshman Adelaide Schoeni said.

The most entertaining aspect of figure skating is the jumps, according to Schoeni. Airborne jumps like the “axel” demand months of training. Schoeni looks up to Nathan Chen and Ilia Malinin, both professional skaters who have received countless awards for executing jumps at the Olympic level.

Besides skating for hours a day, Schoeni often stretches at home or runs with the Coral Gables Senior High track team. For the Cavalier, her most daunting obstacle is remaining flexible for long periods of time. However, daily workouts and cardiovascular training help the ongoing process.

“I love ice skating because of the happiness and freedom it gives me. I feel like it has become a form of escape for me, and by the time I graduate high school I hope to reach senior, which is the last level of figure skating,” freshman Adelaide Schoeni said.

Attending every practice, Schoeni receives lots of encouragement from her father. Guiding her passion through the highs and lows, Schoeni is constantly motivated to improve her stroke and dominate every rink she attends.

Throughout 2023, Schoeni intends to compete at local, regional and state levels. She is currently preparing for a skating competition in Orlando this upcoming April. With years of experience under her belt, Schoeni confidently awaits the panel of judges on the ice.

“I’m really nervous to compete but also excited because I get to spend time with some of my friends who skate with me. I know they will help me prepare for this competition, and we will support each other no matter what,” freshman Adelaide Schoeni said.

Wherever her future lies is uncertain, but Schoeni is determined to emulate her figure skating idols through hard work. For now, Schoeni envisions a future on the ice.