Waving her Jazz Hands: Ms. Noval Returns as Cheer Coach


Tiffany Beh

Ms. Noval reviews a new routine with her cheerleaders to prepare for their first exhibition of the year.

Although Coral Gables Senior High makes it a priority to support students, the school itself offers a wide variety of opportunities for all Cavaliers, including faculty, to showcase their true talents. Returning once again as the cheer coach, Ms. Noval embraces a new challenge as she takes hold of the position after a ten-year hiatus.

Discovering her passion for cheer as a 5-year-old girl, Noval joined the cheer team at Ponce de Leon Middle School and later at Gables. A Gables alumna from the graduating class of 2000, Noval decided to assist her former team while attending college.

Aspiring to continue doing what she loves, Ms. Noval returned to Gables upon graduating college in 2004 to uphold her title as cheer coach. Under her leadership, the cheerleading squad placed first in several local competitions such as the Reach the Beach All-Star Nationals in Daytona Beach in 2012.

With a new opportunity to re-assume the role of the Gables cheerleading coach, Ms. Noval’s biggest concern was her availability. Alongside her new job, she also acts as a teacher at Gables, sponsoring both the International Baccalaureate Honor Society and the Class of 2026. In addition, Ms. Noval leads multiple school events such as Cav Camp and Bridge for Peace

Coach Noval helps everyone on the team become a better version of themselves. She helps us become more disciplined and conditions us to utilize our strength. Noval’s lessons can always be applied outside of practice and that is very laudable,

— junior Moon Anderson

“Now that my [two] children go to Gables, I wanted to bring back some of the traditions I had when I went to Gables. And what better way to give back to my alma mater than to coach again,” Ms. Noval said.

Juggling a heavy work schedule, Ms. Noval’s passion for cheer is what originally motivated her to accept her new position. Prepared for challenges at any given moment, she prioritizes completing smaller tasks such as ordering uniforms and planning fundraisers.   

“Ms. Noval is so dedicated in everything that she does. She just knows what she’s doing, she knows how she wants it to be done and she always gets it done. That’s just how she runs. If there’s one thing I can say about Noval is that she’s good,” junior Santiago Giraldo said. 

Throughout the summer, members of the cheerleading team were required to attend “cheer camp” in order to stay fit for the upcoming school year. From demonstrating new routines to screaming out chants, Ms. Noval is determined to guide her team as they perform in school-related events. 

“My goal is to help my team reach their full potential. I also look at my team as my children. If they are going through anything personal, I try to help them,” Ms. Noval said. 

Looking forward to the upcoming school year, Ms. Noval believes she has created a strong family amongst her team. Seeking growth for her team as both people and Cavaliers, she is ready to display hard work and witness her cheerleading team reach unforeseen heights this year.