Lenox Balzebre: A Passion for Soccer


Maria Fernandez

An avid soccer player, Lenox Balzebre looks forward to the upcoming soccer season, playing alongside her the other Lady Cavaliers.

Daphne Renoux, Staff Writer

A sophomore on a varsity team replete with juniors and seniors, Lenox Balzebre is an athlete with a passion for soccer. Her first year playing for the school, Balzebre has expressed her determination to help Coral Gables Senior High shine through its girls varsity soccer team and show the team what she has in store for the 2021-2022 school year.

Having tried multiple sports in the past, once Balzebre began soccer, she immediately knew it was the sport for her. After joining a competitive soccer club in sixth grade, Balzebre has stuck with the sport ever since.

For Balzebre, soccer is more than just a sport, it is a passion. While her middle school did not offer any soccer team she could join and COVID-19 placed another obstacle in front of her while she was trying to join a team, Balzebre is now taking advantage of her time at Gables to develop her skill.

Trying her best to catch up with the other players who have a bit more experience playing with a school team, Balzebre has been utilizing what she knows and taking advice from older players to help her settle in.

“Since it’s my first time playing with a school team, I’m a little nervous but my teammates are great and help me prepare for what’s to come considering that they’ve played each team in our district in previous years,” sophomore Lenox Balzebre said.

Hopefully as a team we can encourage some more school spirit and inspire others to have fun while playing their sport,

— sophomore Lenox Balzebre

Balzebre knew soccer was the sport for her due to its focus on teamwork and other features such as cooperation and group effort. Playing alongside fellow teammates and working with them to win a game is one of the many pleasures of the sport for Balzebre.

Although she has only been on the Gables team for nearly a month, Balzebre has proven her worthiness through her technique while playing defense. Balzebre prefers playing center back, as that position gives her a perfect view of the field which allows her to open up and look out for opponents and possible plays.

“On the field, I love watching her play because she’s quick with the ball, as soon as she receives it she passes and she keeps it moving, it’s really fascinating to watch it,” freshman Avah Cortez said.

While she has made her mark on the team technically, Balzebre has also easily bonded with all her teammates thanks to their shared love for soccer and determination to make their school proud. Inspired to motivate other girls to join the soccer team through her performance and contribution to the tight-knit team spirit the players share, Balzebre has no plans of leaving the team.

“We are all driven with our compassion for soccer which allows us to bond that much more. The encouragement for one another allows each of us to do better each day, it’s very delightful overall,” sophomore Lenox Balzebre said.

Besides soccer, Balzebre is also very involved with her academics. The athlete explains that school is more than just a building, it is a group of people who come together despite their differences, which was illustrated to her because of the welcoming and positive attitude the soccer team had towards her.

“Lenox is a hardworking student and I am always astounded at the level of involvement she has in school. She is a great friend and is always there with kind, comforting words. I know I can always look at her when I am in need of some laughter,” sophomore Natalie Muniz said.

In the future, Balzebre is planning to improve her technique and creativity through practice with the team. For now, she is aiming to stay on the team throughout her remaining years at Gables and, maybe, start playing for a college team after graduation. A Cavalier athlete, above all, Balzebre wants to spread Cavalier spirit on and off the field.