Cavalier Baseball Aims to Clear the Bases in 2020


Cavalier Baseball

Junior Andres Arzola plays the field against the Keys Gate Knights, as he looks to lead the Cavaliers during the 2020 spring baseball season with his passion for the sport.

Audrey Simon, Staff Writer

The Cavalier Baseball team is ready to get the ball rolling with the new season at full bloom. Practicing every day after school for a considerable number of hours and conditioning like cross country athletes is only the beginning to their prosperous season.

A typical practice for the Cavaliers on the baseball team consists of many different exercises and techniques. From stretching on the field, hitting batting practice, to throwing with a partner and practicing your position in groups with different coaches, it is easy to see why the baseball team is so passionate and successful.

“I am very excited to play high school baseball for the first time during the 2020 baseball season, especially since I get the opportunity to pitch for the varsity team as a freshman,” freshman Justin Bohanan said.

Before the regular season begins, the Cavaliers took part in a brief preseason, where they played a handful of games against other teams in the district with the common goal of gauging the talent on the team and improving.

“I think we need to learn how to play more like a family instead of playing for ourselves. We need to strive for team goals instead of accomplishing individual goals on the field,” junior Andrés Arzola said.

Cavalier Baseball
On Feb. 19, freshman pitcher Justin Bohanan helps lead the Cavaliers to their regular season 9-4 win over Keys Gate High School  n the Adidas Diamond Bash.

On Feb. 19, the Cavalier Baseball team took on its first game of the 2020 baseball season against the Keys Gate Charter High School Knights. The team started off strong with three runs in the first inning, and by the last inning, they had a total of nine runs, resulting in a 9-4 triumph against the Knights.

Sophomore Hector Perez lead the team’s offense with a total of three runs and a batting average of .500. Manny Perez lead the team’s fielding with ten putouts out of eleven total chances, as well as a fielding percentage of .909.

On Feb. 22, the Cavaliers played against the John Carroll Catholic Rams at Florida Christian. The game ended in a complete blowout, with the Cavaliers demolishing the Rams in a 20-6 victory.

Junior Logan Hernandez led the Cavaliers, finishing with a batting average of 1.000 and three runs. The entire team finished with an incredible 1.000 fielding percentage, allowing the Cavaliers to completely dodge the Rams.

With a strong start to their regular season, the Cavaliers have a .700 win percentage as of late. The Cavaliers are looking to build upon a strong foundation from the team last year and are aiming to clear all of the bases this season.