A Renaissance Man: Fabian Crespo

Senior Fabian Crespo tell of his passion for art and wrestling, all while revealing his hopes for the future.
Cristel Cantarero, highlights newsmagazine contributor January 13, 2021

           Jocks are stereotyped as one-dimensional, with little focus on academics and only care about sports. However, junior wrestler Fabian Crespo has actively disproved these stereotypes since...

The COVID-19 vaccine being manufactured and distributed worldwide. Courtesy of The Georgia Department of Public Health

From Hope to Reality

After being tested and proved to be very effective, the newly developed COVID-19 vaccine has been released to hospitals in the past few weeks.
Alex Brazda, highlights newsmagazine contributor January 13, 2021

           Since the global shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists have spent months researching and developing an effective vaccine. Although the COVID-19 vaccine has not been distributed...

Space X's rocket, Falcon 9, launches from Cape Canaveral.

Return To Space

Falcon 9 rocket launched with four astronauts bound for the International Space Station on Nov. 16.
Rafael Sans, highlights newsmagazine contributor January 13, 2021

           The SpaceX Dragon 1 capsule, housing four astronauts, made it to the International Space Station (ISS) at 11 p.m. Eastern Time, on Monday, Nov. 16. This is a significant moment in the...

Caption: “Death to 2020” is a netflix original that used comedy to display all of the history that was made in the extremely unpredictable year, 2020.

Death to 2020: A Comedic Point of View

Ingrid Moises, Staff Writer January 11, 2021

Movie: Death to 2020 Release date: December 27, 2020 Genre: Mockumentary Our grade: B+ After the catastrophes that occurred in 2020, many people may say it was not the best year for them. To say...

Farewell 2020

Farewell 2020

Gabriel Wagner, CavsTV Staff January 1, 2021

The difficulties we faced in 2020 were unlike any other year before it. The coronavirus epidemic took the lives of many and left people feeling socially isolated. Despite all this, 2020 was a year full...

Believe Again

Believe Again

Natalie Abrahantes, CavsTV Co-Editor-in-Chief January 1, 2021

People are saying 2020 was not the year of perfect vision, but maybe it was...

“Muerta al 2020” es una serie original de Netflix que utilizó la comedia para mostrar toda la historia que ocurrió en el extremadamente impredecible 2020.

Muerte al 2020: Un Punto De Vista Cómico

Ingrid Moises and Maria Odio December 27, 2020

Película: Muerte al 2020 Fecha de lanzamiento: 27 de diciembre de 2020 Género: Documental falso Nuestra calificación: B + Después de las catástrofes que ocurrieron en el 2020, muchas personas...

20 Good Things To Happen In 2020

20 Good Things To Happen In 2020

Chloe Grant, CavsTV Staff December 22, 2020

2020 has been nothing short of a dumpster fire. Despite the raging disaster that this past year has been, there have been some good moments amidst the horror of the past 12 months. Scroll through this...

Estos premios se dan a las personas que capturaron las mejores fotos de la vida silvestre.

Capturando los Premios: Fotógrafos del Año en la Categoría de Vida Silvestre

Lenny Roque and Maria Odio December 8, 2020

La Exhibición Internacional Anual se lleva a cabo en el Museo de Historia Natural de Londres, donde se evalúan las mejores fotografías de la naturaleza. Este año, decenas de miles de entradas recibieron...

These awards are given to those who capture the best wildlife photos.

Capturing the Awards: Wildlife Photographers of the Year

Lenny Roque, Staff Writer December 8, 2020

The Annual International Showcase takes place at the Natural History Museum in London where the best photographs of nature are judged. This year, tens of thousands of entries were given a total of 17 awards....

Stacey Abrams helped change the outcome of this election and showed the American people that we can overcome obstacles and make a change.

The New Wonder Woman: Stacey Abrams

Abigail Felan, Staff Writer November 19, 2020

With a rigid voting system filled with the obstacles of the electoral college and voter identification laws that vary by state, it is inspiring to see a woman in politics taking action to combat these...

What Is Your Perfect Holiday Destination?

What Is Your Perfect Holiday Destination?

Maria Guillen, CavsTV Staff November 18, 2020

Due to the pandemic, many of us were not able to go on vacation during summer, winter break, or any other holiday. However, it’s never too early to plan your next trip for when things get better. But...

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