Touching Down on a Historic Rivalry


Lilliana Bonner

The Coral Gables and Columbus football teams take the field and compete in a heated match-up.

Trey Riera-Gomez, Staff Writer

This past Friday, on Oct. 26, our very own Coral Gables Cavaliers played against their division rival, the Columbus Explorers, in their annual face off. Held at Tropical Park, the players performed under the stadium lights as the cool dusk transitioned into night. With packed bleachers on both sides, filled with each team’s respective fan base, the game began promptly at 7:30 P.M, commencing this year’s showdown.

Gables started the game off on a bad foot, however, as junior running back Henry Parish of the Columbus Explorers took a 70 yard run to the house, followed by an extra point kick, putting the Cavs at a deficit of 7-0. Then, after several back and forth offensive exchanges, the Explorers managed to slip past Gables defenders for a second touchdown in the first quarter, followed by yet another extra point, putting them up 14-0.

Columbus took no time in resting, and the Explorers were soon able to score once more after a 62 yard rushing touchdown by Henry Parish. Now down 21 points, the Cavaliers’ situation looked grim. The players refused to lose hope, and then, after a turnover on downs that left the offense with great field position, the Cavaliers were able to convert the drive into a 16-yard touchdown pass completed by Gerald Williams. Now with a newfound energy, the Cavaliers were able to score another quick six points off of a relatively fast drive that was capped off with a one-yard Cavalier touchdown run. Although the energy was high in favor of the Cavaliers, the Explorers managed to force a safety, complimented by another quick score, putting the Cavaliers down 29-14.

“It was so exciting to see the team make a comeback with Columbus. The fans were really hyped up,” junior Aiden Beaton said.

The Cavaliers, however, were not giving up. Recognizing that they were down and that it was now or never, the Cavaliers’ defense, strong because of players like senior DeAngelo Paul and junior Jermaine Witherspoon, went into overdrive. Their lockdown defense and persistence in an attempt to achieve success soon paid off though, as Gables soon recovered a fumble. This turnover then opened the way for Williams to lead the offense down the field and then throw a 52-yard touchdown pass, bringing the score to 29-21. Not much was to be accomplished following those successful offensive and defensive stands however, as the game would end 36- 21 in favor of Columbus.

“The emotions and excitement throughout the entire second half were very high because of Gables’ attempt to regain the lead and because of all of the big plays that we saw,” senior Sutton Payne said.

Unfortunately, the Cavs were unable to come out victorious during this outing, despite the exciting comeback hopes, and took a loss on the road. Nevertheless, the Cavalier football team has recognized their strengths and weaknesses in the game, and will work the rest of their weeks to correct and improve their skills leading up to the game against Southwest High School on Friday, Nov. 2. What was an overall well-played game by the Cavaliers, despite the outcome, was a tremendous opportunity for the Coral Gables Cavalier Football Team to learn and develop as players and individuals.

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  • Both Gables and Columbus players clash heads during this intense play.

  • The Coral Gables and Columbus football teams take the field and compete in a heated match-up.

  • Several Gables students show their love for one of the teammates by spelling his name with red paint on their bodies

  • Coral Gables cheerleaders motivate the stands during the game.

  • Coral Gable’s offensive team on first down.

  • One of the Coral Gables’ football players taking a knee during the game.

  • Cavalier offense preventing players from rushing their quarterback.

  • Cavalier defense attempting to stop the opponent’s offensive drive down the Tropical Park field.

  • Cavalier football players pose for a picture at halftime.

  • A resting football player observes the field as his teammates play against their rival, the Columbus Explorers.

  • A student athlete waits on the sidelines for his turn on the field.

  • Seniors show their love for Gables with body paint.

  • The Cavaliers run across the field at Tropical Park in hopes of getting the ball from their opponent.

  • The players discuss the game plan with their advisor.

  • The sidelines fill with tension as the football team carefully watches the game.

  • Cavalier football player’s kneel as they watch their team push down the field.

  • Gablettes cheer on the Cavaliers as they take on Columbus.

  • Gablettes moments before receiving their senior jackets.