Gables and Columbus: A Never Ending Rivalry

Alexander Yagoda, Staff Writer

Throughout the entirety of spirit week, extensive lines of people gathered outside the treasurer’s office to purchase tickets to the most anticipated game of the 2017 football season. On the evening of Friday, Oct. 27, your Coral Gables Cavaliers went full force in a head-to-head battle against their division rivals, the Columbus Explorers.

The event, taking place at Tropical Park and beginning at 7:30, was undoubtedly one of community gathering. Roughly an hour prior to the commencement of the game, lines on either side were swelling by the minute as fans from all over the city attended the must-see contest between one of our district’s biggest rivalries.  With a full crowd overcome with unconditional school pride and emotion, the stage was set for the Cavaliers and the Explorers to compete in a high-stakes battle.

“I think that the Columbus game really meant a lot to the students here at Gables because it embodies the entire rivalry between our schools. It’s where we can prove that our program does not need all that fancy equipment to win,” sophomore Christopher Brazda said.

Although the Cavaliers proved to have relentless offensive playmaking ability, they were unable to capitalize on it, and this matchup was seemingly one-sided. The Explorers struck early, attaining a 7 -point lead in the early minutes of the game. The formidable defense of the Explorers made sure to keep their opponent’s offense in check, as they only permitted a single touchdown from the Cavaliers and prevented any other scoring from that point on. However, just as it seemed that the Cavaliers were gaining momentum following their first touchdown, Columbus retaliated with a touchdown of their own, lessening the chances of a comeback from the Cavs. In the fourth quarter, the weary and drained Cavaliers suffered another significant blow as the Explorers capitalized and solidified their lead with another touchdown, widening the gap by 14 points. With just minutes left on the clock, a miraculous comeback for the Cavaliers grew dimmer by the passing second.

“To be honest, I was happy that they at least scored a touchdown. Nevertheless, it serves as something the team as a whole can learn from as they move forward,” freshman Angela Valdivia said.

The final score, 21-7, proved to be a significant defeat to the Cavs. The defeat worsens their record to 3-5, and will likely prohibit them from qualifying for playoff contention for the first time since 2011. The victory for the Columbus Explorers, however, propels them to their second straight district title, and their 15th since 1999.The Cavaliers will get one more shot to turn around their season in hopes of qualifying for the playoffs as they play Southwest High School on Friday, Nov.3. Make sure to tune in and cheer for your Cavs as they aim to take a victory on the final game of their 2017 season.