NBA Playoffs: Then There Were Four


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Lebron James and Steph Curry will most likely face of against each other in the NBA Finals.

Nicolas Schmidt, Staff Writer

As the NBA season comes to an end, only four teams remain. The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics in the East, and the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs in the West. Be that as it may, there are two teams that stand out and are sure to be a lock for the finals. Here are our predictions:


  • Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics:

Prediction: 4-1

Though the Celtics came into the playoffs with the number 1 seed, that is more of the result of the Cavs resting their players and playing with their bench. In the playoffs, the Cavaliers have exerted themselves as a powerful force that is seemingly unstoppable. Nonetheless, the Celtics cannot be undermined as they have a solid team with some great players. They will struggle and will likely be able to defeat Cleveland in at least one of the games. However, the Cavs will not take a loss lightly and will not take any chances  if they do lose to make sure they drive the point home that they are the best team in the Eastern Conference.

“Cleveland is just too good and will easily beat any opponent except the Warriors. [Lebron] James and [Kyrie] Irving make the best duo in the league,” sophomore Framil Diaz said.


  • Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio:

Prediction: 4-1

The Warriors really should not have anything to worry about, similarly to Cleveland. While the Spurs are probably the third best team in the NBA, they have played more games and have less time to rest. In the meantime, the Warriors have a superior line-up, have played fewer games, and rested more. The Spurs will put up a fight and probably come up with one win, but they will ultimately lose the series. Golden State will make it to the finals with ease and style as they have three of the best players in the league.

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The Warriors and the Cavaliers are clearly a lock for the finals. The other teams won’t even be a challenge for them.”

— Cesar Martin


  • Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors

Prediction: 4-2

Lebron James has to get tired of losing at some point if he wants to be considered as the best player to ever live in the NBA. Therefore, he will be playing the best basketball of his career during this championship series. While the Warriors are great and will be able to win a couple of games, Lebron is too determined. The Cavaliers will rise up in a six game final to win the series and give Lebron his second consecutive title in strong fashion.

“I believe the Warriors are just too good with Durant. The Cavs cannot handle the amount of skill and talent on that team.” sophomore Alex Yelamos said.

The NBA playoffs are the chance for teams to prove that they are better than their opponents. However, now that there are only four teams left it has become quite clear who will go to the final. The Cavaliers will defeat the Celtics and the Warriors will defeat the Spurs. The two finalists, the Cavs and the Warriors, are the two best teams in the world and will each have to work hard to show that they are better than the other. Ultimately, Lebron James is more determined and will probably lead his team to another championship.