Gables’ Wrestling Takes Down Ransom Duels

Cavan Wilson

On Wednesday, Jan. 18, the Gables wrestling team took to the mats in our own gym to face the Ransom Duels. The other teams joining in this competition were Ransom, Alonzo and Tracy Mourning, and South Miami. Gables went into the competition with some confidence that came from having a larger team than any of the other three schools. However, many wrestlers would have to compete multiple times and maintain their stamina in order to give Gables the victory.

“We are doing pretty well as a team. We are doing what we are supposed to be doing right now, which is winning matches and trying hard,” sophomore Douglas Ponce said.

The first team Gables would have to get through was Ransom. With Ransom’s much smaller team, the Cavaliers moved through them quickly. The first two matches ended in pins in the first period with only the third and final match making it to the second period where the Gables wrestler then quickly pinned the last Ransom wrestler. Gables beat Ransom with a score of 84-0. Next up was the slightly larger team of Alonzo and Tracy Mourning. Through the first five matches, Gables kept up their dominance and was able to pin all their opponents in either the first or second period. However, Mourning was able to gain some ground back in the sixth match when they pinned the Gables wrestler. Gables would quickly recover in the last two matches with decisive pins and passed through Mourning with a winning score of 62-12. Gables then came to face their final opponent, who would also give them the most trouble: South Miami. Gables started off with some trouble as South Miami took the win in the first match on points since neither wrestler was able to pin the other. Gables was then able to take advantage of having a larger team by winning some matches by forfeit because South Miami had no wrestlers in the same weight class as the Gables wrestlers. Gables would then recover in the next few matches, winning by pins in the second and third match and by points in the fourth. However, some fatigue in the wrestler was being shown at that point, as nearly all the matches were making it to the second or third period. Gables lost their fifth match by pin, but came back and pinned South Miami’s wrestler in the sixth match. Gables ended the seventh match with a loss by pin, but finished strong in the final match by pinning the South Miami wrestler in less than thirty seconds. Gables defeated South Miami to add to their first two victories with a score of 69-15.

“I think I have progressed more in this year than in any other because I have been able to combine my the better fitness I have now with knowledge and experience from previous years. I feel the team and I both did really well with me winning both my matches and the team winning the competition,” senior Starr Horton said.

Gables took a decisive victory at the Ransom Duels with no other team coming within 60 points of their score. Gables moved past all three times with confidence and strength that shows that they will be a team to watch as the season comes to a close. Be sure to cheer Gables on in their next competition at the Gables Gym on Jan. 28 at 8 a.m. for the District Duels.