Several FIFA officials arrested


Mr. Blatter adresses the media.

Nicolas Schmidt, Staff Writer

On May 27, many FIFA officials were arrested in Switzerland. Members of the board were arrested for having illegal deals with broadcasting networks. Now, several more FIFA officials have been arrested, including high-profile officials. On Nov. 30, Swiss officials began arresting more people at the same hotel as they did in May.

The high-profile officials were accused of taking millions in bribes for sales of marketing rights for World Cup qualifying games and other Latin tournaments. The two officials, Mr. Hawit and Mr. Napout, vice presidents of FIFA, are being extradited to the U.S. FIFA President Sepp Blatter claims that the arrests are vengeance from the US and says “It doesn’t smell good.” He claims that the country is doing this in order to get back at FIFA for not making it the site for the next World Cup.

Chairman of FIFA's ethics committee Claudio Sulser (R) gestures next to FIFA Secretary General
Chairman of FIFA’s ethics committee Claudio Sulser (R) gestures next to FIFA Secretary General. This happened during a meeting where they suspended several officials.

All of the arrests have tainted the world of sport. Hopefully, Mr. Blatter will find a good way to get rid of all the corrupted officials in his organization. Other than the two high-profile officials, more than 10 other officials have been arrested again. For more information on the FIFA scandals, click here.