Cavaliers Win Do-Or-Die District Game

Samantha Valero- Staff Writer , Orestes Gonzalez- Photographer



    On Friday, Oct. 17, the Cavaliers played a tough game against the Miami High Stingrays at Curtis Park.  The game started at 7:30pm and ended with a butt whooping for the stingrays – the final score was 22-12. It is clear from this game that the other teams have to Fear the Cavalier!

“I think it has lived up to the football games that are seen in the movies. I think that’s what you see at Gables – it’s like it’s pulled out of a movie. They get pumped up when we pump them up. Go Cavs,” junior cheerleader Sarah Pagoada said.

The first quarter kicked off with an interception at the Miami High eight yard line by Darius Fagan {#27}.  After the interception, with less than a minute on the clock, Kieno Mike {#28} made an eight yard touchdown for the Cavaliers. The quarter closed with a score of 7-0. In the start of the second quarter, Amir Rasul {#34} took a pass from Bubba {#17} to the 30 yard line.  Then, nearing halftime, Kamore Gamble {#15} scored a touchdown and set the score to 14-0. Bubba recovered the ball with 22 seconds on the clock and completed a pass to the newbie of the team, Jaylin Clark-McNatte {#85}. At the last second of the quarter, the Stingrays scored a touchdown and set the score to 14-6.

“I think when it was 12-14, and we had them getting another touchdown, our kids just brought their game up another notch – that was the best part of the game. There’s alot of room left for improvement, but when they do their job, no one can really stop them. We are going to the state championships this year,” defensive back coach Frierson said.

In the middle of the third quarter, the Stingrays slipped in one more touchdown, bringing the score to 14-12. Shortly after, Rassule had a run that led to a gain of 20 yards, getting the ball into Miami High territory.  Soon after, Clark-McNatte  made a catch that referees called a safety touchdown, bringing the score to 16-12. Bubba’s pass was completed to Damon Fuller {#81}, taking the ball to the 37 yard line. Rassule took the ball to the 32 yard line, gaining of 4 yards. The third quarter ended at 16-12. The fourth quarter began with Clark-Nattee making 35 yard catch and Bubba making an 8-yard run touchdown, ending the fourth quarter.

“I would say the most game changing play was when we got the safety, because our players began to get worried, and we’re not supposed to be worried, so we overcame that and went and won the game. A relief was that we never gave up – usually, when the other team scores, we get sad, but during this game we just looked at the scoreboard and shook it off. The main focus was not to lose another game, and that’s what we’re gonna do the rest of this season,” senior and defensive tackle Jared Megahee {#51} said.

This crucial game ended with a whopping score of 22-12. Be sure to join us next Saturday at Tropical Park as we roast the Coral Park Rams for our 4:00 p.m. afternoon Cavalier football BBQ!