Parlez- vous Français? Do you Speak French?

Albany Muria, Staff Writer

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Parlez-vous français? Do you speak French? If you don’t, then you might want to consider learning from the prestigious Ms. Hofmann. Hofmann has been working at CGHS since 1984. Throughout the years, she has taught ESOL, Spanish, and French. In addition, Hofmann was the track and field coach for 15 years. In the present day, Ms. Hofmann teaches various levels of French, holds the EESAC Chairperson position, and is the Foreign Language Department Chairperson.

Although Ms. Hofmann was born and raised in Miami, she has had the chance to travel around the world and visit countries in Asia and Europe. While attending University, she got the opportunity to study in France. Through her traveling experiences, Ms. Hofmann has had the opportunity to learn about different cultures.

Hofmann said, “I feel that through traveling, I have embraced many unique, if not life altering, experiences.”

Every teacher in the school has their own unique goals, and Ms. Hofmann’s goal as a teacher is to communicate as much general knowledge as she can to her students, within the framework of learning French. Ms. Hofmann knows she has reached success when her students say, “I have learned a lot in your class.”

Many students would not hesitate to describe Ms.Hofmann’s class as interactive, entertaining, and disciplined. Sophomore Daniela Quijano said, “Her class is one where she constantly interacts with you and sees whether you really understand what is being taught. I really like that most of the work is turned in orally, so it requires us to be extremely attentive in class.”

Ms. Hofmann feels that students should recognize her class as being a balance of academics, discipline, and humor. Along with the constant learning, she likes to throw in some humor. Although, on the serious note, from every joke comes something new to learn.

Freshman Sabryna Gonzalez said,”Ms. Hofmann always has an array of jokes at hand. She is hilarious without even trying. We learn tons of things, yet her class always has a fun aspect to it.”

Some people use quotes to describe themselves. Ms. Hofmann shared with us the quote that she believes best describes her: “80% of the population are ‘leaners’ and the other 20% are ‘lifters’.” She believes that she relates to the 20%, whom she described as hard workers.

Overall, Ms. Hofmann feels that working at CGHS has been and will continue to be an absolute blessing. Hoffman said,”I am grateful every day, and it all comes down to the people.”

Some would say Ms. Hofmann is très incroyable!

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