“This is What it Feels Like” Has Us All in Our Feels


Angelina Morffi

Gracie Abrams shares her intimate emotional experiences with her long-awaited EP, “This is What it Feels Like”.

Angelina Morffi, Staff Writer

EP: “This is What it Feels Like”

Artist: Gracie Abrams

Release Date: Nov. 12, 2021

Our Rating: A

After a year of silence, the pop singer-songwriter, Gracie Abrams released her new EP “This is What it Feels Like”. The progression and change from her first album, “Minor”, to this EP stunned all just after first listen. “Minor” is a breakup album, full of soft mellow break up songs about missing someone you used to love. Where as in “This is What it Feels Like”, Abrams writes about the hard and rocky relationship she has with herself. The development in just a year goes beyond themes and into factors song-writing and genre. She has introduced more variety into her discography with fast-tempo songs and a new raw sense of authenticity, making this recent work so admirable and impressive.

“Alright”: B+
The pre-released single “Alright” definitely stands out from the rest in this EP. Abrams writes about a depressive state she’s endured when all she needed was reassurance. “Someone tell me it gets better,” she repeats. She writes about the unhealthy ways she coped like going out of town and drinking rather than taking medication.

“I think Gracie makes music for others to feel connected to her. It’s a way for people to feel less alone, and I think she would agree,” sophomore Alexa Monsalve said.

However, I feel this does not compare to the rest of “This is What it Feels Like”. It is similar to her older work, in the sense that it feels like she has more to say. The progression from “Minor” to “This is What it Feels Like”, in which she truly opens up, is unfortunately not as visible in this single.

Nonetheless, it is a great overall track. It is one people can listen to and feel closer to and related to Abrams.

“The Bottom”: A
With songs like “The Bottom”, Abrams introduces her fans into a more pop and upbeat style. I find that the pleasant change brings in greater variation in her music that tends to be slower paced.

Throughout “The Bottom, she writes about her problems that begin bringing the people around her down. The chorus repeats “I’m gonna drag you right down to the bottom,” as a way to warn the person and encourage them to leave.

Being drawn to honest but upbeat songs means “The Bottom” is perfect. She talks about the horrible feeling that is thinking that you’re not good enough for a certain person, all while maintaining a good rhythm and catchy melodies.

“This change really shows she’s taking more risks in music,” sophomore Anabelle Gonzalez said.

“Camden”: A+
Abrams has always shown vulnerability through music but many found that with songs in the EP like “Camden”, she truly opened herself up completely and became an open book. Starting with writing about her fear of abandonment, and ending with emphasizing her inability to cope, Abrams truly exposes the intrusive thoughts that many people experience.

In just a year since her debut, Gracie Abrams has grown immensely as an artist, and it’s reflected on her work. She has come out of her shell and has truly experimented with “This is What it Feels Like” to create an underrated pop masterpiece.