Apple Takes a Huge Bite


Mercedes Debesa

The much awaited release of IOS 12 is finally available for the public to download.

Our Rating: C+

Since the late 1990s, Apple has embodied the definition of innovation setting the standards for quality that other phone companies have been desperately trying to meet. However, with such a constant release of new software, it gets to the point where nothing really seems to improve; in Apple’s case, it is the much-anticipated release of IOS 12. This new software program has been in the midst of development for almost a year, but considering the amount of time that was put into the software, the release is not anything that Apple users have not seen before.  IOS 12 does not stand out from the past IOS updates. but there are a few new features that Apple has incorporated that may have been overlooked by the average consumer. Although the update is far from a redesign, it is not completely useless due to some newly implemented features that can become useful in one’s everyday routine.

Miguel Lemus
New and improved FaceTime layout.


We often use different platforms like Skype or Oovoo to video chat with our friends, but Apple has finally incorporated the ability to make group FaceTime Calls after years of users complaining. This new feature is both convenient and easily accessible to the average Apple consumer. It allows users to chat with up to 32 people in one Facetime call. Although there are many apps that serve the same purpose, Apple added their own unique twist: the option to use Animojis, filters, sticker packs, shapes and text effects during your call. These new features allow for further interaction b087gv etween users that would not typically be available in your average group call. However, the feature can often become very glitchy, causing some unwanted frustration.

“Group FaceTime allows you to connect with many of your friends at once rather than just one person. It’s very ideal because why talk to one person when I can talk to multiple people,” junior Isabel Quintanilla said.

Miguel Lemus
ScreenTime records the amount of time that you spend on your device.


Many of us tend to spend an excessive amount of time on our devices which can at times become very alarming. However, ScreenTime records the amount of time we spend daily on certain apps. With this data, users can now view how they manage their time and can now set certain restrictions on how long they want to be allowed to use an app. There is also an option to set a certain schedule or time of day for one to be able to use a particular application. This functionality is helpful if you are the type of person that gets easily distracted because of your device, and might need some assistance in limiting screen time.


Notifications have always been inefficient in the sense that there has never been any organization when receiving them. For instance, whenever we receive multiple messages from the same person there tends to be a long cluster of notifications we have to scroll through in order to read them all. However, with IOS 12, the annoying task of searching for the message you are looking for is completely gone. With the new update, notifications are now grouped according to the specific person who is sending the message instead of a string of messages from everyone.

Measurements of MacBook Pro through Apple’s new measuring app.

Augmented Reality

Apple has recently incorporated Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities to create their new built-in app Measure. Without a doubt, this is one of IOS 12’s most unique features because it is the first time Apple has used AR technology. This new measuring app allows you to point at or take a picture of an object, and the app will calculate its approximate dimensions based on the distance from which you are measuring. Hopefully, the use of AR and the measuring app is a glimpse of what Apple has in store for the future.

“Although there were minor changes in IOS 12 I feel like the software is overall pretty aesthetic and easy to use compared to Android,” sophomore Jessica Rivero said.

Overall, while IOS 12 may have not been the most groundbreaking update or a major redesign to the user interface, it did have a couple of unique features that made up for it. This time around, developers mainly focused on improving the software’s performance rather than the actual look or layout. However, it feels as if IOS 12 is more of just a small update to IOS 11 than the major release that it was expected to be. The update would have been far more intriguing if it actually revamped the layout and feel of the actual software rather than just the performance since that is what gets noticed by the daily user.