Self-Care During Quarantine: Reducing Stress


Marina Tischenkel

Senior Marina Tischenkel practicing her triangle pose outdoors

Emma Garcia, Staff Writer

Amidst all of the turmoil of quarantine, it is very important that one takes care of themselves, not just physically but mentally as well. Mental health is just as important and should be a priority. Ever since social distancing and quarantine began, many have been cooped up at home by themselves. This eventually does begin to take a toll on mental health so being cognizant of keeping your mental health afloat is an important step in maintaining the new normal. Keep in mind that it is okay to not feel the best all the time, but there are ways to help with that.

Below are a few activities one can do to help their mental health:


One activity to not only keep someone occupied but help relieve stress is yoga. It is proven that this practice helps reduce anxiety as many techniques used to reduce tension are actually derived from yoga. Not only does this activity reduce strain on the brain, but it is also great for physical health as well. For example, yoga poses help increase one’s strength as well as flexibility. Another important aspect is breathing: yoga teaches one to control their breathing which can help with managing the body and quieting the mind. Quarantining can cause a lot of anxiety for many reasons, such as possibly wanting to see loved ones or go back to life the way it was, but gaining control of one’s breathing and body can help calm down those worries.

“Yoga has given me something to focus on for 1-2 hours of the day during this quarantine. I also now have more time to practice and try different yoga poses and variations so I have been learning how to do pincha (forearm stand),” senior Ellie Morris said.

Oraida Rodriguez
Senior Oraida Rodriguez paints a painting to symbolize the awareness society is gaining towards mental health.


Another activity to help reduce stress is drawing or painting. One does not have to be an artist, but it can help take the mind off things for a bit and allows the mind to express its’ feelings on a canvas. Whether it is something simple, like coloring in a picture or something more intricate, like painting a whole piece, both will help take your mind off of the frets of daily life. Art can help process what someone is feeling and can even help them understand why they are feeling a certain way. It has also been proven to boost self-esteem as well. This is also known as art therapy. Letting those feelings out or whatever may be in one’s mind can help reduce tension and even create a nice piece of artwork.

Lia Rodriguez
Senior Lia Rodriguez reads “The Women in White” by Wilkie Collins with her dog.


Another activity that is a bit off of most people’s daily routines yet very useful is reading. Finding the right book is key to really diving into it and getting interested. Once the right book is found, one’s mind will be focused on what is happening and will distract them for a bit. A study done by the University of Sussex proved that reading has helped reduce stress by relaxing the body, lowering heart rate and easing tension in the muscles. Books allow people to dive into another world and just lead them to wherever their imagination takes them.

“I’ve always loved books so now I finally have time to catch up on my massive to be read (TBR) list,” senior Ana Rodriguez said.

Although these are only three activities, there are many more things to do that can aid in minimizing the amount of stress that is induced through everyday things. Being quarantined is not easy, but remember that many of us are in the same position and you are not alone in this. Lastly, be safe and take care of your mental health.