Lana Del Rey’s New Album Leaves Fans in an Emotional Rollercoaster


Joseph Abrahantes

Lana Del Rey’s recent album has been met with widespread clinical acclaim.

Album Title: “Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd”

Genre: Alternative/Indie, Pop 

Release Date: March 24, 2023 

Our Rating: A+ 

After what felt like centuries, singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey released her ninth studio album “Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd.” The album encapsulates a wide array of emotions; some songs are upbeat and fast paced, while others embody Del Rey’s signature melancholy sound. Though listening to the album felt like experiencing a roller coaster of emotions, it is certain that Del Rey did not disappoint in delivering a cohesive body of work. 

Track 12: “Let The Light In (feat. Father John Misty)”

Rating: A 

“Let The Light In” highlights the peaks and valleys of being in a relationship. The song starts with Del Rey describing her urge to enjoy herself in the relationship, though this quickly turns into chaos. Throughout the song, she acknowledges that clashing while in a relationship with someone happens more often than not. As a result of these fights, couples often reflect on the most positive aspects of their love, hence the line “let the light in”. 

Overall the vocals in this song truly made it come to life. The singers harmonized beautifully while remaining true to their quintessential styles. Their duet and lyrics aptly conveyed the agony that significant others can induce in each other, causing them to doubt whether they truly love each other. All in all, the song calls attention to the entangling nature of being in a romantic relationship with someone.  

“Overall the album was very angelic. I felt as though I was in a trance while I was listening to it in the best way possible,” junior Neilanie Ruche said. 

Track 10: “Paris, Texas (feat. SYML)”

Rating: A

On “Paris, Texas”, Del Rey references different areas around the country, including the titular location but also Venice, Calif. and a part of Alabama known as Florence. She mentions these places to reminisce about her recent travels, which initially start at her home in Venice. As the song progresses, she takes herself farther and farther away from home, traveling all the way to the East Coast just to visit some of her friends in Florence. 

But, the question remains, why did Del Rey leave her home? Was her trip simply for her own pleasure, or was it really an escape from her chaotic life back in California? During the chorus of the song, Del Rey repeats the lines “ when you know, you know, it’s time, it’s time to go,” which could signify her frustration regarding her relationships back in Venice, Calif. She knew she had to take flight far away from her troubles in order to fix them. 

The emotions expresses in this song are relatable to many of her listeners. Those who left their homes in desperate need of a break from reality can definitely associate themselves with this song. Her words help them feel understood and less alone. Many of her fans develop quick bonds over her meaningful lyrics, and they are consequently easily able to become friends. Del Rey’s new album has already connected people all over the world, making it one of her best releases yet.

“I think that this album is among her best because it shows how she has matured and evolved as an artist with her songwriting and singing. So far, my favorite song on the album is A&W because the melody is so beautiful, especially with the piano playing throughout the song. Since I play piano, hearing songs that integrate the instrument into them really inspires me,” freshman Alyssa Dopico said.

Track 15: “Peppers (feat. Tommy Genesis)”

Rating: A

The 15th track features Del Rey rapping, which is rare in her discography. As a result, her vocal delivery and lyrical flow make the track an exciting album standout. “Peppers” is centered around being reckless in a relationship and truly having fun. Her evocative use of references also work in the song’s favor, as she utilizes famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie to exemplify the wild essence she is associated with. 

The song expresses more of a ‘bad girl’ feel than others in Del Rey’s catalog; indeed, this energy is present throughout the majority of the album. Stereotypically, women submit to their male partners’ opinions in order to please them, but this song defies those expectations, which adds to its potency. 

Track 6: “Candy Necklace (Feat. Jon Batiste)”

Rating: A

“Candy Necklace” seems to portray a toxic relationship, but its lyrical ambiguity creates stunning emotional nuance. Through her haunting lyrics, Del Rey paints a grim picture for her listeners. In this relationship, the vocalist is obsessed with her lover’s recklessness and abuse. Despite her obsession, she also expresses her depression due to the relationship, even including the lines “sitting on the sofa, feeling super suicidal”. 

However, she will not give up on her hope of love. On the contrary, she clings onto her romance, openly accepting all of its faults, but doing nothing to change them. Relationships similar to these are commonly seen in media today, but nobody takes into account the serious emotional damage they can cause. Many young people have even started to romanticize and idealize abusive relationships, claiming that they enjoy the obsessive aspect of them. Towards the beginning of her career, Del Rey was criticized for supposedly glamorizing abuse, but her detractors failed to pick up on the subtleties of her writing. 

Indeed, this song is one of the most well written songs Del Rey has ever made, and it brings much needed attention to the reality of toxic relationships. She compares her relationship to that of “candy necklaces,” made up of sweets and hung around one’s neck as an accessory. Candy necklaces are not typically worn, though, for they tend to be very delicate and are more suited for children’s enjoyment. In that sense, the reference to“candy necklaces” evokes a predatory feeling.

On the other hand, it could also very well be a representation of the sweet and addictive nature of their love. This song can be understood from many different angles, making it one of the most unique on Ocean Blvd. Del Rey’s lyrics are truly powerful, leaving listeners always contemplating her work and wanting more from her.

“I really liked this album, it was definitely a different style from those before it, especially Born To Die. The songs sound very calm and soothing, but the lyrics hold much more significance than some would think. I can see how this new album can be relatable for many, making it one of her best,” freshman Lucia Astorga said.