A Walk Through the Elective Fair


Cinthia Cruz

Mr. Wood giving his experience on taking AP Psych to the students interested.

For some Cavaliers, class selection can be an overwhelming endeavor. To ease students’ worries, from Jan. 24 to Jan. 27, the social studies teachers set up booths and organized tables to represent their respective electives on the third floor of the 9000 building. Known as the Elective Fair, the event aims to keep students informed and help them decide which classes they would like to incorporate into their schedule. 

Among the many booths present were Advanced Placement Psychology, World Religion and Holocaust Studies, Law and AP Human Geography. Typically, students attend the fair during their English class and have about 20 to 30 minutes to interact with the booths and ask the upperclassmen any questions. They also get a general overview of the content that would be covered in the class. 

“I felt a little bit lost when thinking about what class I would have to pick for my electives next year, but with this elective fair happening I am glad to say I feel more secure and confident on the choice that I made since I now have more of an understanding of it,” junior Yossy Gallardo said.

We as a department wanted to make sure that students knew what classes we had available to students as an elective and what teachers teach it just to give the students a little bit more of content curiosity,

— Ms. Noval

There were also student volunteers who offered their advice to the curious Cavaliers and talked about their class experience in order to help answer some questions the students might have. 

The event was made possible by the history department, which came together to pitch ideas as to how the event should function and be set up with Ms. Noval acting as the lead organizer. 

With subject selection coming up on Jan. 31, students are running out of time to select the classes they feel would be the best fit. Prior to this, counselors will go into classes in order to guide students toward choosing an elective or a subject they might be interested in. 

“I know subject selection is coming up very soon so talking to the upperclassmen and listening to the advice they had to offer was actually very handy to me,” sophomore Christian said.

After organizing the welcoming environment, the teachers were able to usher in Cavaliers to the fair who asked questions about the electives they were interested in. As always, the Elective Fair has demonstrated itself to be a success for both teachers and students. 

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  • Learning more about the class of AP Government.

  • The booth for AP African History class.

  • Ms. Cosgrove’s AP Human Geography class, where students get to learn about the world and how it has developed over time.

  • A booth area centering on AP Government classes to better inform the students.