Class of 2020: Senior Gear Form


Daniel Toll

The Class of 2020’s Senior Gear themes and designs are here. Be the first to rep either Marvel Studios, The Office, or both in what is sure to be an eventful school year!

Daniel Toll, Sports Editor

To the graduating class of 2020: start your senior year the way you have always dreamed of by ordering senior gear! Whether you prefer to take a more lighthearted and comedic approach like Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute, or if you choose to embrace your inner hero like Iron Man and Captain America, you will not want to miss this year’s array of senior attire!

Click here to access the updated order form now with sweatpants! Sales begin on Monday, Sept.16 and the order form must be turned in to room 2164 by Sept.27 in order to receive your senior gear!