Cavaliers Speed to the Finish Line in Ten80 Racing Competition

The Cavalier Science Engineering Communication Mathematics and Enrichment club (SECME) traveled to Southeastern University on Oct.30 to participate in their first ever Ten80 Racing challenge. The team competed against schools throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties and placed second and third overall on two of their races. The event required participants to make a racing team that would drive, promote and upgrades a remote control car. Each team was provided with a basic model of a car which they were free to enhance as they saw fit, with both external and internal modifications. The cavalier SECME team began preparing their vehicle a month ahead of time. Monthly SECME meetings turned more frequent as they made improvement after improvement to the structure of the car and practiced their racing techniques. Upon entering the Ten80 competition, that Gables SECME team was met with an intensely competitive environment which challenged them to perform their best. Rival high schools such as Terra, Braddock, MAST, and Randsom were all present, among another high school in the South Florida area. Throughout the several rounds of racing, the CGHS SECME team managed to place second place in one race and third place in another. Though impressive, especially for first-time competitors, the Ten80 event was about more than winning for the Gables students who participated.