And Your Freshman Class Board Is…

Freshman class board was announced Oct. 9 after voting took place.

Emily Simon

Freshman class board was announced Oct. 9 after voting took place.

The freshman class officers were announced on Oct. 8 after a long day of voting in room 9217. Student Activities voting coordinators were in charge of registering the students who were interested in casting their votes for their freshmen election.

After weeks of campaigning the results were finally in; the moment had arrived when the freshmen class officers were decided and announced to the entire freshmen class. This year’s freshman class board goes as follows: President Lauren Gregorio, Vice President Emma Hardie, Secretary David Kuper, and Treasurers Natalie Verdesoto, Natalia Pallas and Katelynn Hernandez.

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Many students were running so when I won I was very shocked, pleasantly shocked because I could not believe it. I hope this position serves as an opportunity to better my leadership skills. I will work with the class board in organizing our class trip and other fun, inclusive activities that everyone can participate in; this is my biggest goal.

— Freshman Lauren Gregorio

The class officers hope to work together to make their first year of high school memorable. They are dedicated to coming up with new and creative ideas that will catch their class’s attention, hopefully inspiring them to become more involved with school matters such as clubs and treat days.

“What first lead me to run was me wanting to be involved. With so many students running, I knew there was a possibility I was not going to be a part of the freshmen class officers, but here we are and I could not be more excited! I cannot wait to work with Lauren and the other board members to start planning activities and treat days,” freshman Emma Hardie said.

The first year entering a big school with a diverse multitude of students can be undoubtedly hard, but with this great board that is comprised of students seeking to make every moment count, it can go without question that the class of 2022 is in very good hands.

Class of 2022: If you see your elected officials in the halls say hello! Share with them any exciting ideas you may have in making your freshmen year great. Make it count as you will only live through the high school experience once!