CGHS College Signing – A Senior Celebration


Seniors displaying their future school’s colors.

After years of hard work, many of our Cavalier seniors met in the gym on Apr. 17 for a college signing to celebrate their futures at four-year colleges around the nation. The event included a variety of games, including musical chairs, hot potato, Simon says and tug-of-war, for seniors to participate in. The winners of each event received gift cards from the school.

“It was a celebration of the students who’ve declared their college or are college bound and still deciding,” senior Ewan Hennessy said.

After the games concluded, students were encouraged to write the name or logo of the college they were accepted to on a large sheet of paper posted to the wall. By the time they were finished, the poster contained all the colors of the rainbow and the names of universities from Florida to California to Washington, D.C. Though many students have chosen to attend schools close to home, such as Florida International University, Florida State University and the University of Miami, others will be traveling across the nation, and even internationally, when fall rolls around.

“I have made some great memories at this school. I was really involved, so I got to have that Cavalier spirit that I’ll miss next year,” senior Valeria Gutierrez said.

Beyond celebrating possibilities for the upcoming school year, the college signing also provided seniors with an opportunity to have fun after studying hard for the past four years. The beginning of senior year is notoriously stressful—most students apply to dozens of colleges while continuing challenging classes and making sure their graduation requirements are fulfilled. However, as the school year comes to a close, events such as this one allows seniors the chance to relax and reflect on their achievements throughout high school.


The final quarter of the 2017-2018 school year marks the end of a chapter in the lives of this year’s graduating class. Despite the challenges to come, students are looking forward to pursuing their interests and making new connections.

“I’m excited to meet new people and take classes in subjects I’m really interested in,” senior Roxy Rico said.

The college signing was an event to celebrate the class of 2018’s accomplishments and ensure their final memories of CGHS are fun ones. Though they will be missed on the campus of Coral Gables Senior High, it is clear that these seniors will do great things as they move on to their colleges of choice.

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  • Seniors displaying their future school’s colors.

  • Senior Ewan Hennessy commits to Florida State University after months of hard work applying to colleges.