Calexit: The Next Brexit?


Bowen Murley

California secedes from the U.S.

Since President Trump’s election victory, some Californians have begun to set in motion their idea of seceding from the union and becoming an independent country. As of now, the party leading these efforts is the “Yes California Campaign”. Before the official legal process can begin, they are attempting to gain as many ballot signatures as they can in order to show support of and further cement their cause.

Although there are many obstacles to overcome, the “Yes California Campaign” has been working tirelessly to see their vision of an independent California become a reality. The campaign strongly believes that if their goal, which is now being called “Calexit”, were to be achieved, California would be ranked one of the top six largest economies in the world, even surpassing France. As of now, the campaign is seeking to obtain over 100,000 signatures from eligible voters before the 2018 referendum. To achieve “Calexit” they would have to send a proposal to the U.S Constitution for an amendment that would grant them the right to exit the U.S. For this proposal to be approved, two-thirds of the delegates, or 38 out of the 50 states,  would have to sign off on the amendment before it can be put into action.

“One of the main reasons I think it wouldn’t work out is because it takes a long time to make sure that all the laws and amendments are in a good place,” sophomore Mercedes Debesa said.

If California was to actually become independent it would affect the U.S in various ways. Economically speaking, California would thrive since their citizens are currently paying most of their income taxes to the U.S and not California.  Not being a part of the U.S would mean more money for the state. Since California is one of the leading sources of income in the produce industry in the U.S, prices in produce would significantly rise and trade would be made more complicated.

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I think California will succeed as an independent country, economically they are well off as they are one of the most lucrative states in the U.S.

— sophomore Brianna Sarria

The “Yes California Campaign” has a long and arduous road ahead of them if they wish to see California become independent within the next 50 years.  It is too early in the process to understand the general consensus regarding this proposal and whether it will be achieved, but if it is, it certainly will not be very soon.