Documentary Filmmaker Takes On Republican Congress


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Jon Ossoff’s Congressional campaign may lead to a Democratic upset in a historically Republican district.

The past month in Georgia has seen the surprisingly strong run of documentary filmmaker Jon Ossoff for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District in Congress.  In December 2016, President Trump named Tom Price, the former representative of this District as his pick for secretary of Health and Human Services, setting the stage for the Democrat’s unprecedented close run in the historically Republican district.  Democrats hope to use this race, which is now being considered the most expensive House race in U.S. history, to build momentum for future elections and the 2018 midterms.

During his high school years, Jon Ossoff interned with civil rights legend John Lewis, who played a key role in gaining exposure for Ossoff as a result of his early support for the Democratic candidate.  Ossoff attended both Georgetown University and the London School of Economics prior to becoming an investigative journalist, whose company investigates corrupt politicians and organized crime.  His political experience is limited to that which he has encountered through his journalism career, his three-year position as Senior Legislative Assistant and Military Legislative Assistant in the office of Georgia Representative Hank Johnson, and his involvement in the re-election of said U.S. Representative.  Despite this lack of experience, polls have shown high favorability rates, which may be a direct result of this absence of political involvement.  The majority educated, affluent citizens of this 6th District recognize him as a competent individual who is “outside of the establishment and corruption of politics”, similarly to the way in which President Trump is regarded.

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Ossoff is an symbol of a reinvigorated democratic party that feels it’s ready to challenge the Republicans due to the angst felt towards President Trump. An upset could change the way traditional Republican districts vote around the country.

— sophomore Pablo Hanono

Up until the start of his campaign, the name Ossoff was as important in American politics as that of any other citizen’s, but his name has seen an increase in exposure for the past three months as a result of the expensive nature of this race and the support he has garnered from constituents and over 200,000 donors.  Additionally, early support from renowned civil rights leader John Lewis and national fundraising pouring in via the Daily Kos and other sources put Ossoff’s name at the center of many headlines early in the campaign.  He has received continued support as a result of both Democratic and anti-Trump fervor.

A Democratic win in this Congressional seat could mean the confirmation of their prediction of the rise of an anti-Trump wave, while a Republican win could ensure the continued narrative in this seat and restricts Democratic activity that would be made easier with a Democrat win.  The runoff election between Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff will take place on June 20th, six weeks from now.  A Democratic upset won’t be easy, especially with the large influx of money flowing into both the GOP and Ossoff’s campaign, but the left still holds onto hope that this will serve as a reflection of the anti-Trump wave they believe is rising throughout the nation and that it will build momentum for the Democratic party in upcoming elections.