Freshman Election Information

Catherine Healy, Business Manager

Sept. 28 – Oct. 1: Election packets will be available fro all freshmen interested in running for an office in the 2015-16 class government. To run, candidates must fill out an application.

Oct. 2: All candidates mist attend a meeting in Room 9219 during their lunch periods (either first or second). Applications are due during the meeting; late or incomplete applications will be rejected.

Oct 5: All campaign materials are to be used for the elections must be dropped off by 7:15AM in Room 9219 for approval and stamping. Material will be available by 2:20PM for pickup. All materials must be in compliance with the campaign regulations. Candidates may start posting materials after they receive them.

Oct. 6 – 12: Candidates will be campaigning and must adhere to the regulations.

Oct. 13: Elections will be conducted during first period.