CavsChat: IB & AP Testing Updates

Gabriel Wagner, CavsTV Staff

Dear AP and IB students,
Testing season is on the horizon, and because of COVID-19, some modifications have been made to existing plans regarding AP and IB exams.

For those taking AP exams, depending on your course your AP could have a paper exam, or a digital exam. While the college board does not distinguish between the two in terms of course credit, the digital exams will not allow students to return to previously answered questions during the multiple-choice sections. For details regarding the type of exam your specific course will be taking, see the attached image below or contact Mrs. Herrera. It has not been determined whether digital exams will be taken at home, or in person.

For those taking IB exams, as of right now, Gables will be assessed through the NON-exam route. Instead of an exam determining the credit a student would receive from a course, coursework such as IA’s and predicted exam scores given by teachers will be factors externally analyzed by IB. Like the AP’s, the IB diploma for students who graduate under the NON-exam route will be identical to those awarded to students under traditional circumstances. NON-exam students will also continue to be eligible for the Florida Bright Futures scholarship upon graduation.

For any lingering questions or concerns regarding AP or IB testing, students should contact AP coordinator Ms. Herrera or IB coordinator Ms. Van Wyk.