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The Hidden Business Life of Gael Aguilar

Expanding into different business industries, this Cavalier has taken up the duty to cultivate new projects for profit
Irela Montelongo
Posing with his other selling snacks “Koala’s March” and “Praline”, Aguilar embodies his love for continuously working.

In the crowded halls of Coral Gables Senior High, standing out may be a hard task with hundreds of students walking on campus. However, under the school books, a student shines in a way most do not. Whether it is raising his hand in research class to give extra commentary on business videos, his knowledge about the industry makes him conspicuous. In any conversation he enters, sophomore Gael Aguilar makes sure to always make it business-related starting with, “Where does all this knowledge come from?”

Beginning with his time at Coral Gables Prep Academy, he started selling early versions of his mother’s plantain chips. Wanting to take a bigger role in the business, Aguilar took on new challenges like managing money, growing his persuasiveness and being able to think outside the box to help his mother, as demand grew.

Without thinking twice, Aguilar made it his mission to learn how to make 3-D model designs for his mother’s brand. Devoting himself to hours on the business, the skills attained in this small obstacle allowed Aguilar to ask for commission and create digitalized logos for other smaller companies.

“I remember last year in our research class Gael would bring us products to try and test from all over the world. It was always super interesting to see the things he talked about and all the experiences he had. Listening to him talk about all his accomplishments makes me want to do similar things,” sophomore Justin Hernandez said.

I enjoy the various territories I am now able to enter with my knowledge, along with the many aspects of creativity and ambition I have gained. After all, if you want something to succeed you have to put the effort into making it work, nothing can make itself grow,

— sophomore Gael Aguilar

Through all these life challenges, Aguilar’s mother was his main role model, teaching him about the necessary skills in the financial world. In bettering his craft, he began reading business books such as “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” to find innovative ways to approach his customers, which in return continued to expand his view of profit.

Besides entrepreneurship, Aguilar took an interest in aeronautics. Accepted to take courses every day after his second class finishes, Aguilar entered George T. Baker College where he studies aviation. Using his gathered knowledge, he hopes to expand his horizons so he can become successful. Additionally, tackling his work duties after school, Aguilar’s engagement never stops, whether it is going to his warehouse to collect product shipments or simply signing paperwork.

More recently, Aguilar has taken on the role of entering the vending machine business. Going above and beyond with his entrance to the industry, Aguilar went big with his “Monsieur Papa Plantain Chips”, which is now featured in stores such as Fiesta, Sedanos, Costco, Fresco Y Mas and Winn Dixie. With his other product being “Mango Nectar”, shipments of the products are being imported, and through his established social network, Aguilar believes his success is only beginning.

“The journey has been difficult and will remain that way as it requires much effort even now especially after I have grown exponentially and working with more diverse businesses,” sophomore Aguilar said.

Looking to the future, Aguilar wants to expand his line of products into more consumables like cookies and ice cream. With an open mindset to his current satisfactory accomplishments, his inspiration to other Cavaliers defines what it means to grow a business. By hoping to share the same goals with other students, the fact remains that it is possible to become successful at just a young age.

“Oh, I plan to mix it all, having different areas of income and many areas of mastery. If I want to become successful I have to give myself all the advantages possible,” sophomore Aguilar said.

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Irela Montelongo, CavsConnect Staff Writer
Irela Montelongo is a sophomore at Coral Gables Senior High. She joined CavsConnect in hopes of improving her writing and maybe one day following in the steps of her uncle who is a renowned Cuban author. Irela enjoys being able to express her feelings through her paintings and little clay sculptures in her spare time. She loves spending time outside but she loves it a little extra in the night time... primarily because she loves the way the air smells at night, a smell that reminds her of the bed time witch stories her dad would make up for when she was younger. Irela also enjoys reading in her spare time, mostly about human habits and psychology. Her favorite book right now is called "The four agreements". She loves listening to music and even playing little tunes on her guitar every now and then when she remembers she knows how to play. This year, she hopes to make the best out of even the worst situations and always put forth maximum effort so she will not be left with any "what ifs" at the end of this year.
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