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Work Done Behind the Scenes for Red-Out Pep Rally

Taking a deeper look into how the performing groups, students, and Gables staff comes together to organize the esteemed red pep rally.
Gaby Blanco
Cavaliers decked out in red are showing off their school pride.

Coral Gables Senior High kicks off the school year events with a classic: the annual red-out pep rally. Covered in red from head to toe, students enthusiasm is projected all throughout the gymnasium creating an electrifying environment on Sept. 20. However, the steps carried out and the amount of work done behind the scenes to arrange such an event are often not taken into consideration.

As far as preparations for the script and games go, pep rally organizer Ms. Diaz met with the master of ceremonies: seniors Lorenzo Londono and Adriaan Guerrero. Having known Londono from the Mr. Coral Gables show last year, a phone call with Ms. Suarez was where he was offered the opportunity to be an MC for the pep rally. He recommended Guerrero because to his outgoing personality and immense school spirit.

“It made me feel very proud and accomplished with myself. I remember Ms. Diaz called Ms. Suarez to ask specifically for me. It felt good to be singled out in that aspect. I knew I was up for the task. It is not everyday you get a phone call asking to be a MC. It is opportunities like this you take up in a flash without thinking it over twice,” senior Londono said.

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Ms. Diaz provided the MCs with last year’s script and it was up to them to add their own personal twist on things. Assembling the structure of their speech, they knew how each event was going to be organized. They decided on who would chime in announcing their dialogue. They knew what they wanted to say, but were not planning on going off word for word, with most of it being on the spot.

“I would go by the dance room frequently to pitch ideas. Me and Adriaan would collaborate too to come up with ideas. We came up with a few things right before the pep rally too,” senior Londono said.

Switching it up from last year, each one of the games used came fresh out of the oven. Thoroughly researched, Ms. Diaz tried them out with her aerobics class to see what would catch the audience’s attention. In total, there were two games: the beach towel relay and finish the lyrics. For the towel relay, Ms. Diaz ordered some red and white towels as a representation of Cavalier pride, matching the theme. The sequence of all the games were sorted out on a google doc, for a coherent flow.

Londono and Guerrero wanted to be unique with their words, bringing in a natural and in the moment aspect. Ultimately coming to the conclusion of centering the introduction of Cav Man and Cav Boy, the MCs planned a mini skit centered around a homecoming proposal for Cav Man from senior Lia Alongi.

We have this pact that he would ask me to prom and I would ask him to homecoming. I had to help out with the pep rally so when I found out that my boyfriend was chosen to be Cav Man I already started coming up with ideas. One of my good friends, senior Olivia Rebull, told me the line I ended up using. I thought it was really good and liked it a lot. Lorenzo and Adriaan came up with their own idea of how to add it into the script and I told them I did not want him to know. I wanted it to be a surprise. It feels like a fun thing to do, I like surprises,”

— senior Lia Alongi

“Preparing for the pep rally was nerve racking. I think the most important part of it was figuring out the script and planning out what would get the crowd going. Another important part of the behind the scenes was making sure me and Lorenzo were on the same page and that we would feed off each other”, senior Guerrero said.

Gablettes and cheerleaders, who performed at the pep rally, had practices twice a week for the event. This has been the second cross over between the two performing groups, embodying Gables spirit. They have been working on their choreography since the beginning of the school year, each combining elements of each other.

“I really enjoyed working with the Gablettes because they matched our energy and our shared goal of an amazing performance really pushed the collaboration. The cheerleaders choreographed the part of the dance featuring the cheerleaders, and the Gablettes choreographed their part. Working with them was wonderful, they’re very hardworking girls”, sophomore Hazel Grosell said.

Simply a glimpse into how Gables sets up their pep rallies, there are more to be expected for the 2023-2024 school year. The administration, performing groups and student dedication towards Gables spirit is exhibited through these entertaining experiences for Cavaliers to partake and above all, enjoy.

“I loved it. It was a ton of fun to be in the center and hyping the crowd up. It was fun planning the order of events and the story of how it went. I think me and Adriaan both really liked it”, senior Londono said.

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