Robert is Here for the Better


Natalia Rodriguez

Robert is Here is a great place to enjoy some quality fruits.

Natalia Rodriguez, Reviews Editor

Our Rating: A

With the rising popularity of Knaus Berry Farm’s cinnamon rolls, more and more Miamians have been making their way down to Homestead. About an hour’s drive south of Miami’s center, Homestead is known for being a very rural part of South Florida where one finds small farms and plant nurseries around every corner; one worth mentioning is Robert is Here. What started off as a simple fruit stand on the side of the road is now the perfect place to take a break and try the finest fruits Homestead has to offer.

Robert is Here is first and foremost a fruit market where one can buy locally grown fruits of every shape and size. While they grow and sell fruits we all know and love, such as mangoes, coconuts and papayas, Robert is Here prides themselves on the “rare and exotic” fruits that are found in their market. From canistel, a small yellow fruit that resembles a Hershey’s kiss and tastes like egg-custard, to jackfruit, a massive fruit with a spiny green peel and tastes like Juicyfruit gum, Robert is Here grows fruits that are hardly ever seen in the produce aisle at Publix. However, certain fruits are only available for purchase during their growing season.

“I had never tried Jackfruit before going to Robert is Here but I’m so glad I did. It is by far my favorite fruit,” senior Isabella D’Ottone said.

While trying “rare and exotic” fruits may be enticing to some people, others may be hesitant to try them; a fruit that tastes like “egg-custard” is admittedly a strange way to describe what a fruit tastes like. Fortunately, Robert is Here found a simple solution: put the fruits in a blender. Robert is Here is well-known for their delicious milkshakes and smoothies, offering a menu of flavors that extends over two panels. Classic flavors such as coconut, strawberry and banana are offered, but Robert is Here takes it a step further by incorporating the “exotic” fruits as well. Take, for example, the “Black Sapote” milkshake. The average person has probably neither tried nor heard of a black sapote and would be hesitant to try the fruit on its own. In a milkshake, the fruit becomes much more approachable. The “Black Sapote” milkshake is light brown in color and tastes remarkably similar to a chocolate milkshake. All of the milkshakes and smoothies offered at Robert is Here are smooth and creamy and one can mix up to three different fruits in one smoothie. Certainly a perfect snack for a hot day.

“I love getting the mamey and banana smoothie. Mamey and banana are naturally so sweet that I do not feel the need for the extra sugar,” junior Isabel Jaen said.

One feature of Robert is Here that sets it apart is the animal farm behind the fruit market. From goats to chickens and tortoises to emus, one can feed and interact with animals almost as if it were a petting zoo (almost is important detail; please do not try to enter the bird enclosure). The animal farm increases the overall entertainment value of the trip and definitely make the experience more enjoyable. Between the animal farm and the fruit market are plenty of tables with shade which makes enjoying your fruits a lot nicer.

Overall, Robert is Here is a wonderful time and exemplifies Florida’s growing agritourism. For a nice escape from the urban jungle to a rural haven, Robert is Here is sure to please everyone. Unless you are allergic to fruits, for which I then offer you my deepest condolences.