Impossibly Delicious Burger! (But it’s Vegan!)

It is 2019, and going plant-based is easier than ever. “Impossible Food” has taken years of deliberate research and delicious trials to produce what is most likely the jackpot of plant-based meat. The company has created the “Impossible Burger,” a saucer-shaped patty made of heme sourced from potatoes and soy. This allows for the taste of the protein that gives meat its ‘meat’ flavor but includes everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions.

“It tastes just like real meat, or what I can remember from it. I would recommend this burger for honestly anyone, it’s a great meat supplement and a good way for meat eaters to slowly wean off that diet and into a vegetarian or vegan diet,” senior Chantal Busteed said.

Besides expanding the options that vegetarians and vegans have, the brand also aims to save the environment. There have been multiple studies that point to the fact that animal agriculture damages the environment more than planting crops, and most crops that are planted go to feeding these animals, creating a vicious cycle that negatively impacts the environment

“It’s when you’re not in the mood for a veggie burger but want something plant-based that has a similar texture and taste to actual meat. I also love how environmentally conscientious the brand is; it makes it more credible,” sophomore Emma Vela said.

The “Impossible Burger” itself resembles real meat in an astonishing manner. The succulent faux-burger carries a similar taste and texture to that of real meat while having health benefits that certainly add to its appeal. A common argument against meat consumption is the presence of carcinogens in red meat; the “Impossible Burger” neutralizes this risk. As a strictly vegan meal, one gets the impeccable flavor of a real beef patty combined with the health benefits, while simultaneously saving animals.

As with most good things, there is always criticism. In terms of the “Impossible Burger,” the predominant dissenters come in the form of meat loyalists, who vehemently defend their genuine beef that they have come to know and love. The idea that the unmistakable flavor of meat could be recreated in such a perfect fashion is not easy to stomach. But with the hopes of peace, meat eaters should delight in an “Impossible Burger” to truly be exposed to the juicy, hyper-realistic replication, and inevitably be drawn in as well.

The “Impossible Burger” is a landmark accomplishment for the vegan food industry in terms of practicality as well. It is convenient to purchase. High profile restaurant chains carry the product, such as BurgerFi, and is not overly expensive, as many times alternative food sources are. Overall, this delightful patty is a great addition to the vegan cuisine and is now a staple dish for those looking for the highest quality pseudo-meat possible.